It is depend on the tour. Please check Price page. https://photoguider-japan.com/price/

It is depend on the tour and I will send you more photos if you take longer tour. All photos I send are edited. You can see details on Price page. https://photoguider-japan.com/price/

 I usually send photos in 3-7 days after the tour.

I will send you a download link and you can download your photos from the link.

I have held surprised Photoshooting such as surprised proposal, birthday and anniversary many times. I will suggest you some plans if you tell me your preference.

Of course! I can make your own plan if you tell me where you want to visit, what you want to see and be taken photos with. Japan has many good photo spots you would like.

I need deposit before Photoshooting day and you can pay it on the web. Please pay the rest in cash on that day.

Your transportation fee is not included and you need to pay entrance fee if you want to go to place where needs entrance fee.

No problem. I like to play with kids and I will be able to capture some moments that kids run and play. Many families with kids are satisfied with my Photosooting tour.

I check weather report before a week and tell you and change date if it is going to rain. I will refund you deposit if we can’t to change date.

Photoshooting time will be getting less if you are late. I will send you the best route from your hotel to meeting point. Please leave your hotel with time to spare.

Of course, You can use your photos freely but can’t sell them. I don’t use your photos without your agreement.

It is possible. Please contact me about it before booking.

Photoguider Japan

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