The current situation of Osaka in June 2020.

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Hi!! It’s been a while since I wrote an article last time. The virus is still spreading in the world.
It is getting better in Osaka and people go out to the city like a Dotombori area and Umeda area. I have been staying home still now but I met my friends last weekend in Namba area. We saw a lot of people walked in a main shopping street of Namba area and then thought they have stayed home for long time, So could come to the city finally. We couldn’t see friends and family who don’t live together for longtime and are getting better now slowly.

Universal Studios Japan has just pre-opened before 10days but only for Osaka people who have annual passes. I am the people and have been there last week with my friends and wore a mask. Much much less people there than usual and I didn’t need to wait to get almost all rides. It was very easy to enjoy in USJ!! But my friends and I felt a little sad because so many tourists came here and they looked happy whenever we came. We had to wait in long lines but what it should be.
Restaurants and shops are opening now and people have dinner and lunch there. Of course we have to keep our distances and wear masks when we eat. We got used to wearing masks and covering our mouths in trains and outside where it’s’ crowded.

I hope we can go out and see people without having to worry about something soon.
Thank you for checking my webpage and I will keep writing articles.

My first photoshooting tour in Arashiyama Kyoto in 2016

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It has been long time since I have written last article. How are you? I am good in Osaka, Japan. It is getting relaxing lockdown here but I think we should to stay home as much as we can. I really want to go out and see my friends and grab some foods honestly but we have to stay home to do these things in near future.
I am trying to make video recently and my video making skill is getting better and It is a lot of fun when I am in front of camera and editing. But seeing tourists who come to Japan and taking photos are much much fun you know. So I will write a thing of first photoshooting tour in 2016.

I made a photoshooting plan in Arashiyama the beginning of 2016 and started preparing to be a photographer for tourists in Kansai area of Japan. I visited Arashiyama over 10 times to check where the best point to take photos and how long it takes to visit some spots and take photos. The plan was perfect for me and I posted this photoshooting tour on the web. I thought it’s very hard to get customer because many people hold many kind of tour in Kyoto but I was so surprised because a guy booked my photoshoting tour in a few days from I posted. I have been Arashiyama area 2 time again from I got a booking and was getting excited to hold the tour.

On that day, I was waiting for him at Arashiyama station and hold a welcome board. My body was shaking because I was very very nervous to see my first guest but was better easily when I saw him. He came from US for work and likes to take photos and Japanese sceneries. I tried to talk to him some questions to keep to talk on the way from photo point to point while I checked question lists I made. My English was not good but he tried to understand what I said. This photoshooting tour is 2 hours tour but it has taken 4 hours LOL. I took his pictures a lot and he took some sceneries of Arashiyama. I really had great time with him and we came back where we met. He said ‘This tour was amazing and he was very happy to be my first guest. I should keep doing this tour’. This words made me to decide to keep holding photoshooting tour and started to make other photoshooting plans. Thanks to him, I can be a Photoguider still now. I have seen many guests from this photoshooting tour and had amazing time with them. I LOVE this work and take photo and help my guests and can’t wait to hold a Photoshooitng tour as soon as possible. Stay safe and healthy everyone and thank you for reading this article:)

[2020] Top 5 best local loves restaurants in Osaka city!

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I haven’t had any booking this Cherry blossoms season because of the virus and can’t write about Photoshooting. I have wanted to write an article about foods in Osaka which I have had very often. Osaka has many great foods and restaurants but some of them aren’t well known but locals love it. I will tell you some popular foods and restaurants whrere have English menu on this article. I hope this blog helps your travel in Osaka after the virus disappears.

1, Wanaka (Takoyaki)
This shop is very very popular for tourists but locals like it as well. I go this place and have Takoyaki with my friends after drinking. Namba area has some Wanaka shops and you can find nearest one from you if you search on google map. The one by Namba grand Kagetsu theater have seat and table, So you can have Takoyaki with beer in the shop. You can choose flavor of sauce such as soy sauce, salt and with soup and I recommend you their original sauce. It is very tasty and you can feel like local Osaka people if you have it after drinking. I had some Takoyaki in Namba and Takaoyakki Wanaka is the best for me.
Takoyaki 8 piece: ¥450 / 12 piece: ¥600 / 15 piece: ¥700


2, Daikichi (Tempura)
Just 5min walk from Nankai Namba station. Tempura is very popular Japanese foods and one of what you should eat in Japan. Daikichi is Tempura restaurant and they make very fresh and soooooooo good tempura. They serve you tempura and Tentsuyu(Tempura sauce). We dip tempura in Tentsuyu and eat it. You should try it and then must feel like you want to live in Japan. Hahaha!! They have lunch menu such as Tempura rice bowl and tempura plate. Of course you can drink with Tempura at night too. Clam soup is very tasty and you should order it if you want. Please try the best tempura in Namba. You might have to wait if you go there Friday night or Saturday night.
Lunch: ¥500-¥1000
Dinner: ¥2,000-¥3,000

出典:Enjoy Japan

3, Tokisushi (Sushi)
I am going to Tokisushi very often and this Sushi restaurant is good price and fresh. I know Japan has a lot of Sushi restaurants and higher quality restaurants are in Osaka. But this restaurant stuffs are friendly and Sushi chef makes Sushi and serve us after I order. They have Sushi plate and you can choose and order one each as well. I recommend you lunch set because it is very good price but we can have a many kind of fish Sushi plate. They have seared Sushi and it is so tasty too:)
Lunch: ¥800-¥1,500
Dinner: ¥3,000


4, Zundoya (Tonkotsu Ra-men)
I have asked my guests what is favorite Japanese foods and almost all guests like Ra-men. Of course I love Ra-men too!!! A lot of Ra-men restaurants in Osaka Namba area and you can’t choose the best one, So everybody go to very popular Ra-men restaurants. I recommend you Zundoya where has greasy Ra-men. My friend took me this restaurant and I was surprised when I had it. It was sooooo delicious and strong taste. Since then, I have this Ra-men very often. This restaurant are 2 places in the city Namba and Umeda. Both restaurants are just 10 min walk from station. Please try it if you like Ra-men!!:)
Lunch & Dinner: ¥800-¥1,500


5, Tsurutontan (Udon)
I love noodles and Udon is my most favorite noodle in Japan. Osaka people like Udon and many Udon restaurants in Osaka city. I recommend you Tsurutontan and this is very popular and have very delicious Udon. I usually go for dinner and order Udon and Sushi but I can’t choose easily because it has many kind of Udon such as seasonable one, curry Udon and simple one as well. I want you to see Udon bowl because it is huge and makes table full easily. Hahaha. I think you may want to take photos. Japan has some Tsurutontan restaurants in Osaka and Tokyo, So you can try it if you don’t have much time in Osaka and have time in Tokyo:)
Lunch: ¥1,000-¥1,500
Dinner: ¥1,500-¥3,000

I have more places I want to tell you. This article is great restaurants where are popular and local people loved. I will write more local restaurants next time!!:) Thank you!!

Surprised proposal Photoshooting with FULL blooming Cherry blossoms!!

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The beginning of March, Early blooming Cherry blossoms full bloomed at few spots in Japan. My friend told me great place to take photos with this Cherry blossoms in Kyoto. This place is 15 min walk from Keihan Yodo station and so many Cherry blossoms were blooming along a river, So I decided to hold surprised proposal photoshooting here.
A guy wanted to get his proposal photos in Kyoto and we talked where the best place. I told him about Cherry blossoms in Kyoto and sent some photos of this place. He liked and wanted to give a flower bouquet to his girlfriend when he propose. I ordered flower bouquet and brought for proposal phtooshooting on that day.

Our plan is that I ask them like ‘I am looking for free model and would like to take your photos with Cherry blossoms’ and take some shots and then he propose her many Cherry blossoms on back ground. They were already there when I arrived and found them and asked. I was worrying his girlfriend accept or not but she was fine to be taken photos. We talked about traveling in Japan and took some shots. Some Japanese people hung out this are and saw Cherry blossoms and I was looking for good place for surprise proposal. I found a nice nobody spot and made her turn around and I took her photos. He took flower bouquet out from my big back pack and went down on his knee to propose with the bouquet. She turned around and saw him and surprised and laughed so much. He gave the bouquet and showed a RING. She looked very surprised and happy and said YES! They hugged and it was very happy moment. I captured many nice moments and took some shots with Cherry blossoms after proposal. I was so happy to take their photos and help his proposal. I hope they come to Japan in other season and took my photoshooting tour then. Thank you and see you again!!!

[2020] Top 5 best places to see Cherry blossoms in Kyoto!!

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Kyoto has many good places to see Cherry blossoms as well. I will write some places where I like to help tourists who come to Japan in Cherry blossoms season.

1, Philosopher’s path
This path is very popular to see Cherry blossoms in Kyoto. It is about 1.8km and has about 450 Cherry blossoms trees. You can walk under a gate of Cherry blossoms along river. Many tourists go there and crowded every day in this season. I recommend you to go early morning, and then you can more relax and feel peaceful Japanese beautiful scenery.


2, Keage incline
This incline is about 600m railroad and has so many Cherry blossoms trees. Many people come and take beautiful Cherry blossoms photos here, So it is better you go early morning this place too. You can also visit Nanzenji temple where has Suirokaku water way and this temple is very beautiful and great to take photos. Not only Cherry blossoms season, it is very beautiful in Autumn leaves season as well. This area is east side of Kyoto and not so far from Gion area. I recommend you for people who have a plan to go Gion area.
Please get off Keage station (Kyoto subway) and just a few steps from the station.

出典:Kyoto press

3, Arashiyama park (Hankyu Arashiyama side)
I always take photos with Cherry blossoms at this place. Please get off the Hankyu train at Hankyu Arashiyama station and walk to river side for 1 few mins and then you can see so many Cherry blossoms tree on your right. A lot of people come to Arashiyama to visit Bamboo forest and get off JR Saga Arashiyama station where far from this spot. So this place is not known well. Arashiyama has many Cherry blossoms place and I recommend you Seiryoji temple too. A large drooping Cherry tree is in the temple and it is so beautiful. Buildings around the tree are traditional and awesome as well. Please try visiting if you have time.


4, Kodaiji park
This park is very small but very beautiful when Cherry blossoms are full blooming and the central of Gion are. Some popular temple and shrine are around this park and souvenir shops too. Kodaiji temple, Ninenzaka, Kiyomizudera temple, Yasaka pagoda, Yasaka shrine and Maruyama park, All places are very traditional and beautiful. You should visit Kodaiji park if you have some plans to visit these places. Highly recommend!!


5, Sewaritei
This is not in the central and quite far a way from Kyoto city, it takes about 30 min from Gion Shijyo station by Keihan train and then walk 15 min. It seems hard to visit if you stay in Kyoto city but it is worth to visit. So many Cherry blossoms are along the Yodo river and it’s very long street. You can feel good breeze and a flurry of Cherry blossoms. This place is very popular for local people and quite crowded but not so much than in the city. Sakura tower which you can go up and look down beautiful Cherry blossoms scene.
You need to get off Iwashimizu Hachimangu station (Keihan line) and walk about 15min from the station. Please try checking on google map and visiting if you have time!!


Kyoto has a lot of awesome places to see and take photos of Cherry blossoms. I hope this article makes your travel in Kyoto is great. Thank you!!

[2020] Top 4 best places to see Cherry blossoms in Osaka!!!

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I have checked Cherry blossoms forecast recently and it said Cherry blossoms will start blooming in a few days in Osaka and full bloom around 27th March. It is very earlier than usual because much warmer this year. I don’t need jacket in last few days and felt that Spring is coming in Osaka. It is very hard to travel abroad now because of the Virus but I have seen some tourists in the city now. I will write good place to see Cherry blossoms in Osaka for then and people is coming next Cherry blossoms season.

1, Osaka castle park
Osaka castle park has sooooooo many Cherry blossoms tree and very very popular place to see Cherry blossoms in Osaka. Local people go and bring lunch box and some drinks and picnic under the trees. It’s called Hanami in Japanese and local Japanese people love to do that with friends, family and coworkers.
You can go to Osaka castle park from Subway (Osaka metro) Morinomiya station or JR Osaka loop line Morinomiya station or Osaka castle park station and it takes about 10-15 min from Namba or Osaka station by train.


2, Kema Sakuranomiya park
This park has a lot of Cherry blossoms and they are blooming along the river. You can hang out on Cherry blossoms street and have awesome time with a lot of pink leaves. Some street foods may open in this park and you can grab local street foods and beer. It will be very crowded like the Osaka castle park, So it is better to go on weekday. I recommend you Tenjinbashisuji Shopping street after hanging out Kema Sakuranomiya park. This shopping street is the longest in Japan and has a lot of stuffs which are cheaper than touristy place. I always go this shopping street when I go this area and got some foods and daily necessities.
Please get off JR train at Sakuranomiya station, Tenma stationm Osakajyo Kitazume station or Osaka tenmangu station and you can go this park on your foot.

出典元:Zekkei Japan
出典元:Zekkei Japan

3, Nagai park
This park is not in the central city but you can go by subway easily from everywhere in Osaka city. Many local people come to Nagai park to see Cherry blossoms and this park has many kind of Cherry blossoms. Some of them are earlier blooming and others are late blooming. So you can see some kind of Cherry blossoms in this park from the middle of February to April. Botanical garden is in this park as well and it has many flowers all year. I recommend you this garden if you like flowers and you must be able to take nice photos with flowers.
Nagai park is a few steps from subway (Osaka metro) Nagai station.


4, Sumiyoshi park
I recommend you this park because I was born and raised around this place and have been over 1000 times in my life! hahaha! It is not bigger than the above other parks but has many cherry blossoms tree and peaceful scenery. Almost only local people come this park, So it is not so crowded. You can feel real and local Japanese life and see beautiful Cherry blossoms here. Sumiyoshitaisha shrine is by this park and you can visit this shrine before or after Sumiyoshipark. The shrine has other kind of Cherry blossoms around the entrance and you should check it.


Not only these parks, almost all parks even very small local parks have some cherry blossoms tree. You can see beautiful pink flowers everywhere in Japan the end of March to April. Less tourist come to Japan this Cherry blossoms season but I hope the people enjoy this great season and have nice time in Japan. Thank you!!:)

Surprised Proposal Photoshoting in Nara with deers!!!

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I have realized that many people have a plan to propose in Japan because I have held surprised proposal Photoshooting 3 times last a month. I am very happy they chose me as a photographer for great moments. I will write one of them today.
A guy contacted me about surprised proposal and he wanted tp do in Nara and we talked where the best place for proposal. Nara has many temple and shrine and we chose Kofukuji temple where near from Kintetsu Nara station and Nara deer park. This place is quite crowded everytime but less people now, So I thought this temple is good for them.

On that day, I was waiting for them in front of main building of Kofukuji temple and pretending a tourist. I am very nervous whenever I am waiting my guests for surprised proposal and this time as well. I could find them walking to proposal point and prepared to capture. He took her to the point and looked talk to her about something. She didn’t notice about proposal and was surprised so much because he suddenly showed a ring to her. Walking people around them looked very surprised and smiled, the awesome couple made them happy as well. I got many pictures of the moments and he introduce me to her as a photographer. We walked and visit many places around Nara park after proposal. They really like deers and deers looked like them as well. Hahaha. Deers are very excited when we have snacks for deers but they are very relaxing even I took photos. Ukimido was very nice place for taking photos and it was first time to take my guests. I tried some angle and posing at Ukimido and they liked the photos are taken this place. We talked about Japanese Manga and Anime because we are same generations and have watched same Anime. I really had great time with them and it was great day. I hope they come back to Japan and see them again!:) Thank you for taking my tour!!

Photoshoot tour in Osaka Kyoto Tokyo Nara | Photoguider-Japan

Surprised proposal Photoshooting in Kyoto!!

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The end of February, I have held surprised proposal photoshooting at Daigoji temple in Kyoto. A guys want to make his partner surprise and we have discussed where and when the best many time. I usually take surprise proposal photos in Gion area or Bamboo forest in Arashiyama but he checked World heritage of Kyoto and preferred to do in temple. Actually I have never been to Daigoji temple because it is not in main area and not easy to go from main station such as Kyoto station or Gion Shijyo station. I checked how the temple like on the web and thought really nice for surprised proposal because it is very big temple and has a tower, some small and big buildings. I thought there are not many tourists because it is a way from the city and only local people may come here. We decided this temple and meeting time.

That big day, I was a head to Daigoji temple early morning and wait for them around entrance but the big festival was held on that day and a lot of local people visited this temple. I checked where the best spot without people before they come and found good place where I can take photos with traditional buildings. I was waiting and pretending a tourist for them around proposal spot. I kept contacting him where they are and when they come but it was long time to see them. I could see them and he took her to proposal spots. I was very nervous and checking when he propose and taking photos of building. He looked very nervous and started his proposal. She was very surprised and happy, I was closer them and capture the moments. They looked very happy and he introduced me to her as a photographer. She didn’t notice about proposal and photoshooting, This surprised proposal massive succeed. After that, I took some romantic photos at Daigoji temple. They loved their photos and I was so happy to capture the moments. Surprise proposal photoshooting always makes everybody happy. Thank you for taking my photoshooting!!!

Night photoshoot tour in Dotonbori&Namba, Osaka!!!

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Tourists come to Osaka are getting less now because of virus however it is easy to sightseeing in Japan. Dotonbori area is super crowded every time, but we don’t need to wait for restaurants, easy to take photos and walk. Kyoto and other popular cities are same as Osaka now. I hope it is getting better and many tourists come to Japan again.

During that time, Many tourists joined my night photoshooting tour and got a lot of great shots around Dotonbori and Namba area. There are really less people than usual and very easy to take photos around Glico sign and Dotonbori area. I took some photo spots in America mura area. This area is not very touristy area and where local young people hang out, So it was same as usual. Haha
Dotonbori and Namba area are much less people and nice to take photos every spots. My guests liked Osaka night views and neons and my photos. Every tours were nice time and I was very happy to see many people in the world. I hope a lot of people come to Japan in March and April to see cherry blossoms and virus will disappear in the world. Thank you!!

Continuously, Wedding Photoshoot in Arashiyama Kyoto!!

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After a few days, We have taken wedding photos in Arahsiyama, Kyoto. I met them early morning and almost nobody around Arashiyama station and was cold but sky was very beautiful and clouds made blue sky more beautiful. I tried to take their walking photos along the Katsura rive. The makeup artist and stylist are their friends, So I took some individual shots and couple shots as well. Across Togetsu bridge, we went to Kimono forest and enjoy taking photos. They liked this place and I got some great shots here. Of course we have been to Arashiyama bamboo grove they wanted to visit the most. This place is always very beautiful and awesome spot for photoshooting in Japan. I usually take my guests to less people bamboo grove but they wanted to go main bamboo street, So we visited there too. There are many people and it was impossible to take photos nobody on background but also beautiful place to see bamboos and feel Japanese atmosphere. I was very glad they like the photos and It was great time with them for 2 days. I hope we can see again in philippine or Japan!:)

Cherry blossoms are going to bloom in March. All cherry blossoms have buds and it tells us that spring is coming. A kind of cherry blossoms are blooming already in some places of Japan. I am going to take photos there this weekend. I will tell you guys how cherry blossoms bloom and show some photos!:)

Wedding photoshooting in Osaka castle park!!!

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A nice couple came to Osaka castle park for wedding photoshooting with their stylist and makeup artist. They brought gorgeous dresses and suits and we got many special wedding photos at Osaka castle park. Of course it was first time to see them but we got closer easily in this photoshooting. I had some ideas and they had too, So we made and tried many ideas and styles. Osaka castle park is very big and has many good photo spots. I took photos with greens, flowers, the castle and on stairs and street of the park with different clothes. They changed their clothes three times and every styles were so nice for photos and we got some romantic shots, others are cool and happy.
They liked my photo style like angle and posing and I was very happy because they looked very happy when I showed them the photos after taking. It was about 4 hours photoshooting but I was not tired because the photo session with them was very comfortable and fun time. The end of photoshooting, they gave me a coffee at Starbucks in the park and had relaxing time together. And we met in Kyoto again next day. I will write about this on next blog!!:)

Photoshoot at Osaka Umeda sky building!!!

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A guy was traveling in Osaka alone contacted me for photoshooting. He wanted to be taken photos at Umeda sky building where we can see whole Osaka city from the top. It has long escalator and some people take photos at this place and post on Instagram.
We met at Umeda sky building at opening time but I tried to take his photos outside of sky building. There are some green wall and I wanted to try to take photos with it. He liked it too and we got nice photos around sky building. After that, we were going to the escalator and took many photos. The photos are beautiful and arches on background looked very cool and futuristic. We were going up and down twice and got great photos. It was first time to take photos at this place and we didn’t need to pay entrance fee because the escalator is before entrance of observatory of sky building. I recommend you if you want to get nice photos in Umeda. Of course observatory is amazing to see Osaka view!! One more thing, you can see retro Osaka town scape in basement floor. This place is restaurants area and you can enjoy lunch and dinner after Umeda sky building. Try to go!!!:)

【2020】Cherry blossoms photoshooting in Osaka, Kyoto and Nara!!!

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In 2020, Cherry blossoms season is coming soon!! Actually early blooming cherry blossoms are blooming in Japan now!!! This kind of Cherry blossoms bloom from the middle of February to March. I already have some photoshoot tours in Kyoto with this cherry blossoms. You can see cherry blossoms if you come to Japan earlier than main cherry blossoms season. Japan will be full of Cherry blossoms in the end of March to the beginning of April. I hope many people come to Japan and I am looking forward to seeing them here! I would like to take your photos with Cherry blossoms in Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe and Nara!!:)