Surprised proposal Photoshooting tour in Nara park with deers!!

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They were very very nice couple and I had awesome time with them and deers in Nara park!! His name is Deswin and he had a plan to surprise propose to her and told me about that. We talked where and when the best and decided. I suggested Kyoto but he preferred Nara park for photoshooting. I didn’t know why but I was able to know the reason when I met in Nara. His girl friend was so excited to come to Nara because she love animals and that’s why he preferred.

We met at Kintetsu Nara station and visit Naramachi which has many traditional Japanese house and Sarusawa pond. I took their pictures and they practiced how to pose but they didn’t need to practice cause they were already very natural and give their nice smile to lens. They looked can’t wait to feed deers in Nara park. So we got biscuit for deers and walk to deers area. There are a lot of deers and tourists who fed deers already. Deers were so excited because so hungry. We tried feed them but many deers came to them and finished in just a few seconds. I was not able to capture the moment because it was so fast!! We moved to different spot and then see a local guy. He had many nuts for deers and told us how to feed. It was very interesting and I didn’t know how to feed although I have been to Nara park many time. We need to make deers to bow 3 times before feeding. Deers knew they can eat if they bow, So It is not dangerous to feed. After that, Deswin and In in enjoyed to feed and I was able to captures the moments.

Deswin and I was thinking about proposal while we fed deers and we moved to big field area of Nara park. Less people were there than main deers area and it is the best point for proposal I have thought. I made her to turn around and took her back side pictures he prepared a ring during this moment. He called her and she saw the ring and started the happiest time of this Photoshooting tour!! I captured many moments and was very happy to take this big surprised proposal photos!! Deers celebrated them and they looked soooooo happy.

It was very nice day and I am so happy to see them. I hope they come back to Japan and see them again!!! Thank you for taking my tour!!!!! Congratulations!!!

Awesome Cheery blossoms season!!!!

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I had a lot of tours in Spring time with beautiful Cherry blossoms in Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo and Nara. It was amazing season here and I was super happy to know many people who are my friends already now. I held the tour at Arashiyama park, Seiryoji temple, Maruyama park, Yasaka shrine, Demachiyanagi, Kyoto imperial palace, Gion area in Kyoto, Osaka castle park, Sumiyoshi park, Sumiyoshi shrine in Osaka, Nara park, Kasuga shrine in Nara. In addition, Ueno park, Odaiba in Tokyo. Cherry blossoms were blooming and beautiful everywhere in Japan. I got many great pictures and memories with them and they are unforgettable experiences for me and I hope for my guests too.

Cherry blossoms will bloom north of Japan area like Sapporo, Hakodate and Aomori. They bloom late because it’s colder than west south side. You can still see and take pictures with Cherry blossoms if you go to These areas. I am already missing Cherry blossoms and Spring. It is getting warm and Summer is coming soon. We can see other flowers and it is beautiful too. I am looking forward to meet new guests and friends in next season!!

Surprise Proposal Photoshooting in Nara, Japan

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Surprise proposal Photoshooting with deers in Nara

I took the moment he propose his partner in Nara park. I met his family before photoshooting and we prepare some sign ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME’ which they brought from their country. It was amazing stuffs. I was waiting for him and his partner at a place near from the sign. I was nervous a little because I have to stay as a tourist and I can’t miss the moment. After 30min, They were coming. I was so excited and she asked me where is Todaiji temple and ‘Are you propose your girl friend?’ after seeing sign. I couldn’t say only ‘No I am just taking pictures of deers’ and they are walking to the sign and he proposed her in front of sign as we planned. She was so surprised and it succeeded!!! Their family joined them and she was surprised more. It was so happy time and they made me happy too. After that, We walked around Nara park and take pictures with deers and went to Kasuga shrine. There are many lanterns and take pictures with them. It was amazing day for them and me. I was so happy they liked pictures I took!!! Thank you and congratulations!!!! I would like to take pictures of surprise proposal in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo too. Please contact me if you have any plans about that!!

Family Photoshoot with deers in Nara

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Family Photoshoot with deers in Nara

I had great time with very friendly family from Singapore and deers in Nara. The boy was so cute and afraid of deers first, But he looked so happy and excited when he feeds them. I took boys pictures a lot and mom and dad pictures, mom and her mother pictures too. They liked my pictures and talked about Singapore foods and culture. It was such a wonderful time. I hope see them again in Singapore or Japan. Thank you so much!!!:)

Photo tour with Cherry blossoms in Nara

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You can see beautiful Cherry blossoms in Nara too. There are many deers and Cherry bloom around Nara park and Wakakusa mountain. It’s good to take pictures around Wakakusa mountain because There are not so many people around there. Deer is waiting fro you under the Cherry blossoms.

Photo tour with Cherry blossoms in Wakakusa mountain, Nara