Photo-shooting in Shibuya, Tokyo!!

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A girl turned 18 years and I had a birthday photo shooting in Shibuya Tokyo with her and her family!! They are sooooo friendly and happy family and I had a great day with them!
I started this tour at Shibuya SKY where is the best spot to see land scape of Shibuya. It is 230m high and great view from top of the building. There is a garden and many people took photos and had relaxing time and we got many great photos with blue sky and Shibuya city.
After that, walked around downtown in Shibuya like Shibuya PARCO, Shibuya Crossing and wall arts area. These places make the photos very Japanesy because a lot of billboards and neons everywhere. This is TOKYO and you are going to have great photos in Shibuya area for sure.
Yoyogi park is also great place to take photos because many green, autumn leaves and flowers there. It takes about 10min walk from the center of Shibuya Downtown, So I recommend this park for everyone who come to Shibuya. It may make you relax and you have grab some Japanese foods here. Tokyo has soooo many great place to visit and take photos. I will show you some of them in an article soon!!:)

at Shibuya SKY in Tokyo
at Shibuya SKY in Tokyo
at Shibuya SKY in Tokyo
Downtown of Shibuya in Tokyo
in Yoyogi park, Tokyo
in Yoyogi park, Tokyo


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撮影料金 ¥7,700/写真データ10枚
撮影時間 20-30分
撮影場所 大阪、また関西地域と東京





Photoshooting tour in ODAIBA, TOKYO!!

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I went to Tokyo for holding the tour!! I already took their pictures in Kyoto but we could meet again in Tokyo and had Photoshooting tour again in Odaiba!! We visited to Team Lab Odaiba for Photoshooting. This place is very photogenic and new place. but it is already so papular. We arrived there before opening time but many people already wait for opening around entrance. You should go there 20-30min before from open if you want to take pictures with less people. We could take pictures a lot but sometimes we needed to wait for taking pictures at some spots.

It has some area like lanterns area, you can see projection mapping everywhere. They were so beautiful and everybody was crazy about taking pictures. Of course me too. But Actually it was hard to take because they don’t have much lighting. They should to make dark room because show projection mappings. We can take pictures of that but it might be hard to take pictures with that. That said, we could get some good pictures.

Odaiba area had good Odaiba Ringai park beach and some good spots for photoshooting. Please contact me if you want to be taken pictures in Odaiba area or other area in Tokyo!!

Photoshoot at Yoyogi park and Harajuku in Tokyo

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Photoshooting tour with Autumn leaves at Yoyogi park and Harajuku in Tokyo!!

The tour was held at Yoyogi park and Harajuku in Tokyo last Autumn season. They are super close friends and I have seen one of them last year in Osaka. This was her second time to take my tour. I was so happy to see her again in Tokyo. There are many people in Harajuku area especially afternoon, So we met early morning and take pictures there. Shops in Harajuku like clothes, crape, sweets and wall arts are good for back ground of Photo shooting. I checked good photo spots in Harajuku area before a few days and I was so happy because they liked these places I checked. We walked around Harajuku area and through shrine and Takeshita street and got to Yoyogi park. Autumn leaves were super beautiful in the park. Everything was brown and orange and it was quite Autumn color in Japan. They enjoyed scattering a lot of Autumn leaves each other and I took many pictures of the moments. It was so fun for us and got many awesome pictures. I really enjoyed this tour with them and they said me they were enjoying the tour. I am looking forward to see them again in Japan or Malaysia!! Thank you so much!!!

TOKYO Photoshoot and Guide TOUR!!!

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Family Photoshoot in Ueno park, Tokyo!!!

I have just started the Photoshoot and guide tour in Tokyo!!! First guests are I held the tour in Osaka castle park last year. We haven’t met for a year and I was so excited to see them again. The Photoshoot place was Ueno park in Tokyo. Their children have grown a lot! Especially young sister was not walk so much last year but she could walk and run in Ueno park. I really enjoyed to take their pictures with big wheel at Science museum, National museum, Ueno Toshogu shrine and greens. I was a little nervous because it was first time to hold the tour but walked around Ueno park and checked good places before a day, So We got many awesome family pictures there. I am looking forward to seeing them again in Osaka or Tokyo or other city in the world!!