[2020] Top 5 best local loves restaurants in Osaka city!

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I haven’t had any booking this Cherry blossoms season because of the virus and can’t write about Photoshooting. I have wanted to write an article about foods in Osaka which I have had very often. Osaka has many great foods and restaurants but some of them aren’t well known but locals love it. I will tell you some popular foods and restaurants whrere have English menu on this article. I hope this blog helps your travel in Osaka after the virus disappears.

1, Wanaka (Takoyaki)
This shop is very very popular for tourists but locals like it as well. I go this place and have Takoyaki with my friends after drinking. Namba area has some Wanaka shops and you can find nearest one from you if you search on google map. The one by Namba grand Kagetsu theater have seat and table, So you can have Takoyaki with beer in the shop. You can choose flavor of sauce such as soy sauce, salt and with soup and I recommend you their original sauce. It is very tasty and you can feel like local Osaka people if you have it after drinking. I had some Takoyaki in Namba and Takaoyakki Wanaka is the best for me.
Takoyaki 8 piece: ¥450 / 12 piece: ¥600 / 15 piece: ¥700


2, Daikichi (Tempura)
Just 5min walk from Nankai Namba station. Tempura is very popular Japanese foods and one of what you should eat in Japan. Daikichi is Tempura restaurant and they make very fresh and soooooooo good tempura. They serve you tempura and Tentsuyu(Tempura sauce). We dip tempura in Tentsuyu and eat it. You should try it and then must feel like you want to live in Japan. Hahaha!! They have lunch menu such as Tempura rice bowl and tempura plate. Of course you can drink with Tempura at night too. Clam soup is very tasty and you should order it if you want. Please try the best tempura in Namba. You might have to wait if you go there Friday night or Saturday night.
Lunch: ¥500-¥1000
Dinner: ¥2,000-¥3,000

出典:Enjoy Japan

3, Tokisushi (Sushi)
I am going to Tokisushi very often and this Sushi restaurant is good price and fresh. I know Japan has a lot of Sushi restaurants and higher quality restaurants are in Osaka. But this restaurant stuffs are friendly and Sushi chef makes Sushi and serve us after I order. They have Sushi plate and you can choose and order one each as well. I recommend you lunch set because it is very good price but we can have a many kind of fish Sushi plate. They have seared Sushi and it is so tasty too:)
Lunch: ¥800-¥1,500
Dinner: ¥3,000


4, Zundoya (Tonkotsu Ra-men)
I have asked my guests what is favorite Japanese foods and almost all guests like Ra-men. Of course I love Ra-men too!!! A lot of Ra-men restaurants in Osaka Namba area and you can’t choose the best one, So everybody go to very popular Ra-men restaurants. I recommend you Zundoya where has greasy Ra-men. My friend took me this restaurant and I was surprised when I had it. It was sooooo delicious and strong taste. Since then, I have this Ra-men very often. This restaurant are 2 places in the city Namba and Umeda. Both restaurants are just 10 min walk from station. Please try it if you like Ra-men!!:)
Lunch & Dinner: ¥800-¥1,500


5, Tsurutontan (Udon)
I love noodles and Udon is my most favorite noodle in Japan. Osaka people like Udon and many Udon restaurants in Osaka city. I recommend you Tsurutontan and this is very popular and have very delicious Udon. I usually go for dinner and order Udon and Sushi but I can’t choose easily because it has many kind of Udon such as seasonable one, curry Udon and simple one as well. I want you to see Udon bowl because it is huge and makes table full easily. Hahaha. I think you may want to take photos. Japan has some Tsurutontan restaurants in Osaka and Tokyo, So you can try it if you don’t have much time in Osaka and have time in Tokyo:)
Lunch: ¥1,000-¥1,500
Dinner: ¥1,500-¥3,000

I have more places I want to tell you. This article is great restaurants where are popular and local people loved. I will write more local restaurants next time!!:) Thank you!!

[2020] Top 4 best places to see Cherry blossoms in Osaka!!!

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I have checked Cherry blossoms forecast recently and it said Cherry blossoms will start blooming in a few days in Osaka and full bloom around 27th March. It is very earlier than usual because much warmer this year. I don’t need jacket in last few days and felt that Spring is coming in Osaka. It is very hard to travel abroad now because of the Virus but I have seen some tourists in the city now. I will write good place to see Cherry blossoms in Osaka for then and people is coming next Cherry blossoms season.

1, Osaka castle park
Osaka castle park has sooooooo many Cherry blossoms tree and very very popular place to see Cherry blossoms in Osaka. Local people go and bring lunch box and some drinks and picnic under the trees. It’s called Hanami in Japanese and local Japanese people love to do that with friends, family and coworkers.
You can go to Osaka castle park from Subway (Osaka metro) Morinomiya station or JR Osaka loop line Morinomiya station or Osaka castle park station and it takes about 10-15 min from Namba or Osaka station by train.


2, Kema Sakuranomiya park
This park has a lot of Cherry blossoms and they are blooming along the river. You can hang out on Cherry blossoms street and have awesome time with a lot of pink leaves. Some street foods may open in this park and you can grab local street foods and beer. It will be very crowded like the Osaka castle park, So it is better to go on weekday. I recommend you Tenjinbashisuji Shopping street after hanging out Kema Sakuranomiya park. This shopping street is the longest in Japan and has a lot of stuffs which are cheaper than touristy place. I always go this shopping street when I go this area and got some foods and daily necessities.
Please get off JR train at Sakuranomiya station, Tenma stationm Osakajyo Kitazume station or Osaka tenmangu station and you can go this park on your foot.

出典元:Zekkei Japan
出典元:Zekkei Japan

3, Nagai park
This park is not in the central city but you can go by subway easily from everywhere in Osaka city. Many local people come to Nagai park to see Cherry blossoms and this park has many kind of Cherry blossoms. Some of them are earlier blooming and others are late blooming. So you can see some kind of Cherry blossoms in this park from the middle of February to April. Botanical garden is in this park as well and it has many flowers all year. I recommend you this garden if you like flowers and you must be able to take nice photos with flowers.
Nagai park is a few steps from subway (Osaka metro) Nagai station.


4, Sumiyoshi park
I recommend you this park because I was born and raised around this place and have been over 1000 times in my life! hahaha! It is not bigger than the above other parks but has many cherry blossoms tree and peaceful scenery. Almost only local people come this park, So it is not so crowded. You can feel real and local Japanese life and see beautiful Cherry blossoms here. Sumiyoshitaisha shrine is by this park and you can visit this shrine before or after Sumiyoshipark. The shrine has other kind of Cherry blossoms around the entrance and you should check it.


Not only these parks, almost all parks even very small local parks have some cherry blossoms tree. You can see beautiful pink flowers everywhere in Japan the end of March to April. Less tourist come to Japan this Cherry blossoms season but I hope the people enjoy this great season and have nice time in Japan. Thank you!!:)

Morning and Night Photoshooting in Osaka!!!

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A girl joined my Morning photoshooting tour and Night time photoshooting for 2 days! She was traveling by herself and took my tour for getting good photos of her travel in Japan. We visited Sumiyoshitaisha first and she has been this place though the shrine is in local area. But she said couldn’t get good photos last time, So I took many photos in this shrine. It was very quiet morning and less tourists, only local people walked and came here for praying. We got many photos with Japanese sceneries such as Sake casks, traditional buildings, bridge and huge trees. She liked everything of this place and it was very easy to take her photos because she knew how to make good pose.
We walked to Sumiyoshi park from Sumiyoshitaisha shrine. This park is quite big and has many natures. Especially Cherry blossoms season, Many local people come and enjoy picnic every year. Unfortunately, There are not Cherry blossoms yet but some flowers bloomed a little and it made us feel that spring in coming soon. It was cold but very nice day and I got photos with blue sky.

The next day, We met again in the city of Namba and Shinsaibashi area at night time. Night time phtooshooting is different as morning time photos totally. Osaka town scapes such as neons, wall arts, buildings and billboards make photos very cool and beautiful. She really like the photos I took with neons and we were so excited when we get great shots. I usually take my guests to narrow traditional path by Dotonbori. Many lanterns are so beautiful and all of my guests like this place and she liked as well. When we are walking, I told and showed her some local good restaurants in Namba area. Many good restaurants are in Osaka and sometimes local one is good for tourists to feel real Japanese life. I recommend my favorite foods during my tour because I love eating and think foods are very important for travel. I hope all tourists have great foods and time in Osaka and enjoy their travel a lot. I would like to keep helping! Anyway I had great time with her for 2 days! See you again!! Thank you!!!:)

Autumn Photoshoot in local area of Osaka!!

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It is already winter in Osaka now. I don’t feel cold so much a few weeks ago, But it is very very cold at night and morning even daytime as well. Autumn has gone and leaves have been falling and they make ground colorful. We can’t see Autumn leaves on trees but it is also beautiful on the ground.

A girl joined my photoshooting tour in Osaka. She was very very cheerful and friendly. We had such a fun time and talked about many things. She likes Japanese singer Arashi. This group is the most popular group in Japan and I like it too. I was very surprised she like Japanese group and they are very famous in other countries.

I took her pictures at Sumiyoshitaisha shrine and got many great photos because she has awesome smile:) I have written about this shrine many times on this blog. Many local Osaka people go to this Sumiyoshitaisha shrine the end and beginning of year for praying new year. I have been there every year because I was born and raised around the shrine. She liked this places and was interested in Japanese culture and about this shrine. We visited Sumiyoshi park after the Sumiyoshitaisha shrine. This park still had Autumn leaves and we were able to take photos with leaves here. It was very beautiful and nice colors and the pictures came up great too. The one of the best season in Japan almost gone but Winter is very beautiful with snow. I would like to take many photos in this winter 2019-2020. Thank you for taking my tour and see you again!!

Photoshooting tour at Sumiyoshitaisha shrine and Sumiyoshi park in Osaka, Japan!

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Solo travelers have joined my photoshooting tour very often. I know the reason because I love to travel alone and have been many countries by myself. It is very hard to take good pictures by myself even I have a selfy stick. Sometimes I asked someone to take my pictures but it was not great. I knew how hard to take pictures for solo traveler and like to help them to make memories.

This time, A girl joined my tour alone and I took her pictures a lot in local area, Osaka. It is Sumiyoshitaisha shrine and I have written about this place on this blog before. Sumiyoshi taisha shrine has long history and very beautiful place. Local people visit here and pray for health, happy, getting married, baby and something. This shrine has many small shrine as well. That’s why people come here for different reason.

I talked many things with her and she knew about Japan well. Her posing was very natural and nice. I had fun to take her pictures in Sumiyoshitaisha shrine. She liked this place and was interested in everything I explained her. What kind of god and what this place is on some sign but everything in Japanese here. So I needed to explained something of this shrine. I was very happy because she was interested in it and asked me some questions about Japanese culture. I had great time with her and hope see her again in Japan!! Thank you!!

Photoshooting tour in Horie area Osaka with a professional photographer

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A Japanese girl contacted me the beginning of October and she is dancer from Tokyo and want to be taken artist photos. We found good place each before a few days and decided Horie area where we photoshoot. There are many good shops like shoes, street bland clothes and some arts. We met early morning and she was very very cheerful and friendly. I felt like it wasn’t first time to see her.

We went to America-mura area first and took some pictures with pink wall. This back ground we found before a day is very simple and beautiful. I got some nice photos here and moved to Horie area. We checked yellow wall here already and this is also very clean and nice for her artist photos. We talked about photos but not only that, our work, life, Osaka, Tokyo and passion. I really like her way oh thinking and she has big hot passion. She made me want to try many things I want. I would like to see her in Osaka or Tokyo. I am so glad to have met her!:)

Night photoshooting tour in Namba Osaka, Japan with a professional local photographer!

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Japan is very very excited for the rugby world cup now!! Namba area has many local bar and sports bar and many people went to watch the game and very excited. I went around Namba area last week for Photoshooting and saw many people were excited like that. I am very happy many people come to Japan and become to like Japan and Osaka!

This time was very great photoshooting. The couple joined my tour and they were very funny and super cheerful and I was very surprised because they knew about Japan especially Japanese drama well. We talked about Japanese Dramas and their questions of them were very interesting. Why the couple go to Aquarium in Japanese drama? It seems wired question but a couple in drama usually go to aquarium for dating. I don’t know why but it is very common. I have seen that scenes very often when I watched drama. I think this dating style is Japanese culture Hahaha.

We visited Mandarake where has many Japanese Anime and Manga things in America mura. They like Manga and Anime as well and i like it too. They looked very excited to see some stuffs such as Ultraman and old anime stuffs. We were laughing during the tour and it was really fun. The pictures look very happy and I like their smiles. Photoshooting tour with them was amazing but talking about a lot of things was awesome for me too. I hope see you again and have dinner together next time! Ja-na!!:)

Morning and Night time Photoshooting tour with a professional photographer in Osaka!

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The nice guy booked 2 tours are morning tour and night time tour in Osaka. I met him first time at Sumiyoshitaisha station. This tour is local area tour around Sumiyoshitaisha shrine and it was less people this area because we started early morning. We walked famous bridge which is called Taikobashi. Taiko means drum and Bashi means bridge in Japanese because this bridge reflections on the water and then looks like drum. So this is called Taikobashi for long time around this area.

Sumiyoshitaisha shrine has very very long history and it is over 1,000 years. I was born and raised around here and you know this shrine is my favorite shrine. It has some small shrines, natures, power stones spots and wild animals. I took his photos a lot with big tree, old orange buildings, and it was great time for us!! And we see at night again for photo tour in Namba area.

At 7pm, I was waiting for him and another guy join my tour as well. They were coming on time and the night photoshooting tour was started. We talked about many things along the way to photo spots. Especially we all like K-POP and talked about Blackpink a lot. I took them to Dotonbori, Namba area, Hozenji temple, Glico sign bill board, Sennichimae, Ura-Namba area and Shinsaibashisuji Shopping street. We had nice time and they were very friendly and nice guys!! I recommend them some restaurants I have been very often during this photoshooting tour. I was born and raised in Osaka and love to eat, So I know a lot of good restaurants are not touristy. I will tell you some great restaurants like Tempura, Udon, Ra-men, Sushi, Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki and sweets.

Thank you so much for taking my tour twice and I was very happy he likes the photos I took. Hope see you again!!:)

Local area Photo tour in Osaka

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When we travel aboard, Going to poplar places is so fun. But local area where isn’t well known is also good to sightseeing. We feel like be local people living here and explore new culture what can’t find in the city. I recommend this tour to people who have been to Japan many times. There are local shrine, park and shopping street in local area I will take you. These places are very beautiful and not crowded、So It’s great place to take photos. Cherry blossoms will bloom at the park. Let’s join local area photo tour!!