Japan reopen the boarders for tourists finally!!

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The Japan government said about reopening the boarders for tourists. it is accepting package tourists from the 98 countries and regions, including Canada, US, Singapore, UK, Thailand, France, Spain,Malaysia and more. It is tarting on 10th June.
I am very happy to heat this news and so excited many tourists come to Japan and they had great time here with good foods, people and Japanese culture. Last few years, Many restaurants and shops has closed but on the other hand, new shops and restaurant where the best for tourists has opened such as Nintendo TOKYO in SHIBUYA PARCO, New areas in Tokyo Disneyland, Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan and beautiful hotels, great shopping mall. You can enjoy to sightseeing NEW spots of Japan if you have been to Japan before!!:)

Photoshoot tour in Osaka Kyoto Tokyo Nara | Photoguider-Japan
Photoshoot tour in Osaka Kyoto Tokyo Nara | Photoguider-Japan
Photoshoot tour in Osaka Kyoto Tokyo Nara | Photoguider-Japan

Japan will reopen borders to some tourists in June, 2022!!!

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Hi! I got an awesome news!! Japan will reopen the borders to some tourist in June!! The government is planning about this, However a final decision is not expected to be made before late May.  Only some tourists who have a received a booster shot with a recognized vaccine and arrive from a low risk country with respect to the epidemic situation now, but Japan reopen the borders to all tourists and you guys can come to Japan soon I guess. 

It is easy to sightseeing and take photos in Kyoto and Osaka everywhere in Japan because there aren’t many tourists now. I hope many tourists come and visit to Japan and am looking forward to making memories with great photos!!:) I can’t wait!!!!

Photoshoot tour in Osaka Kyoto Tokyo Nara | Photoguider-Japan
Photoshoot tour in Osaka Kyoto Tokyo Nara | Photoguider-Japan
Photoshoot tour in Osaka Kyoto Tokyo Nara | Photoguider-Japan
Photoshoot tour in Osaka Kyoto Tokyo Nara | Photoguider-Japan
Photoshoot tour in Osaka Kyoto Tokyo Nara | Photoguider-Japan


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【2020】Cherry blossoms photoshooting in Osaka, Kyoto and Nara!!!

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In 2020, Cherry blossoms season is coming soon!! Actually early blooming cherry blossoms are blooming in Japan now!!! This kind of Cherry blossoms bloom from the middle of February to March. I already have some photoshoot tours in Kyoto with this cherry blossoms. You can see cherry blossoms if you come to Japan earlier than main cherry blossoms season. Japan will be full of Cherry blossoms in the end of March to the beginning of April. I hope many people come to Japan and I am looking forward to seeing them here! I would like to take your photos with Cherry blossoms in Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe and Nara!!:)

Photoshoot in Universal Studios Japan!

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I made a great plan to photoshoot in Universal Studios Japan. It is very popular theme park in Osaka and many tourists visit here. I was born and raised in Osaka and I have been USJ many times because I have had an annual pass some times. I got it again last year because I really want to go to Nintendo World where will be opened before the Olympics.

So I made a plan of Photoshooting tour in Universal Studios Japan. I have held this tour a few times before. It was awesome phososhooting and guests were very glad to get nice photos with some cute, cool, funny and beautiful sceneries. I recommend tourists who have kids and birthday because all children love this park and I can capture many great moments when they have fun so much. Nintendo world will be amazing and it must make photos awesome. Let’s go to take photos with Mario and many characters!!!

Autumn leaves Photoshooitng season is coming!!

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It will be great season for photoshooting in Japan. Leaves are changing color from green to Yellow, Red and Orange now. You can see beautiful Autumn leaves and get great pictures with Autumn sceneries about for a month from the middle of November. Some big park has trees like Osaka castle park in Osaka and Maruyama park in Kyoto. I will take you to secret Autumn leaves place and take your pictures. It is very comfortable in Japan now, not so hot and so cold and easy to sightseeing.

Arashiyama is very popular place to see Autumn leaves because the mountains will be changed color from green to warm color. It is super beautiful and many tourists and Japanese people go there to see. You can get on a boat and be relaxing on wide river and see leaves. Some temples in Arashiyama has Japanese maple trees and this scene is very very Japanesey. You must like it and be memories you don’t forget. Of course, not only Arashiyama, Kyoto has many good point to take pictures with Autumn leaves. I will take you to the best point in Osaka, Kyoto and Nara. Please check TOUR pages and book it if you like! I am looking forward to taking your pictures with Japanese Autumn sceneries!!:)

Photoshoot with Cherry blossoms in 2019

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Now accepting reservations for Photoshoot tour with cherry blossoms in March and April, 2019!!

The Cherry blossoms season is coming soon in Japan. They are usually full bloom around the end of March and beginning of April but sometimes it changes depend on temperature and places. It will bloom earlier in South of Japan and delay in North of Japan. The middle of Japan like Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo have full blooming Cherry blossoms in March and April. It is really amazing scenes and get to nice pictures. You should take Photoguider tour and get awesome pictures with Cherry blossoms if you have some plans to come to Japan in March or April of this year 2019. I am looking forward to see you and take your pictures!!!

Day and Night Photoshoot tour in Osaka

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Day and Night time Photoshoot and Guide tour in Osaka

The guy joined night time tour and day time tour. He is also Photographer in Hawaii and also good model too. We got awesome pictures each night and day time. They look different style but I like both. I leaned Hawaiian culture from him a lot and talked about Japanese culture. it made me want to go to Hawaii again so much. I want to tell a lot of people about Japan and want them to like Japan. Thank you so much!!!!

Surprised proposal photoshoot in Kyoto!!

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It was the big day for him because he has made a plan to proposal her in Kyoto without her knowing. We met before the big day and discuss where the best place is and how to take the photos. On that day, I have waited for them to come to photo place and followed after they come. We were a little nervous but his proposal has been succeed! They looked so happy and it made me happy too and I was so glad to take this moment. Cherry blossoms was full blooming on the day. It was very special day for them and me. Thank you and Congratulations!!:)

Surprised proposal photoshoot in Kyoto

Surprise proposal at Fushimiinari shrine in Kyoto!

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These are also surprise proposal photos. I was waiting for them at entrance of Fushimiinari shrine. A guy and a girl come and he proposed to his girl friend. she was so surprised but They looked so happy and I have taken their photos during the time. After that, He introduce me to her and walk and take photos in Fushimiinari shrine. That was great memories for me and hoe for them too.

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