Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Osaka castle park and Namba area!!

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A couple joined my tour for Pre-wedding photoshooting and their friends have taken my tour before and they knew about the tour from that friends. I was very glad to see them and be introduced. Unfortunately, It was going to rain on photoshooting day. We hoped just cloudy but it was raining when we met. We tried to take pictures in America-mura area when the rain stopped and were able to get some good pictures their. In Dotonbori area and Hozenji temple, I took their photos with Glico sign and many lanterns. The photos are amazing! But it was raining during the tour and we had a plan to go to Osaka castle park after Namba, but we decided to change date to go there. Because it was strong rain and we weren’t able to hold the tour anymore.

2 days later, We restarted the tour in Osaka castle park. It was not rain and great day!! I thought it was good idea to change date. Trees were very beautiful after rain and I was able to take many pictures in Osaka castle park. They were very cheerful and happy couple, Especially the guy was very very funny and he made her smile and laugh whenever I took pictures. Thanks to that, I got many natural smile and happy photos. They liked the pictures and it was very nice memories for me as well. They made me want to go to Philippine to see them and their friends who joined my tour before. both couple are super nice couple and I am looking forward to seeing them in the future!! Thank you so much for taking the Photoshoot tour! See you again!!:)

Night Photoshooting tour in Namba and Shinsaibashi area, Osaka!!

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I have held the night photoshooting tour three times last week. Many guests joined the tour and I had great time with them. Couple, solo traveler, friends and family, I have seen guests from around the world. I was very glad whenever I took their pictures and they liked the pictures. Namba and Shinsaibashi area are very beautiful at night time and Midosuji main street will be light up soon. I will be able to take photos with beautiful night sceneries in Namba and Dotonbori area.

Not only lighting scene, I took guests to Japanese style narrow path every time. Everybody is surprised when I take them to this place. The pictures were taken here were very nice and look so Japanesy. You can make good memories and pictures with Japanese lanterns and traditional sceneries. It is getting cold in Osaka and Winter is coming soon. I am looking forward to seeing guests in this night photoshooting tour and taking pictures in Winter Osaka.

The best friends Photoshooting in Namba, Osaka

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They are coming from Indonesia and nice characters!! Very friendly and nice guys and girls!! We walked around Namba area in Osaka. I have held Private photo tour in this area many time. It was rain a little but we didn’t care about that and started the tour from Namba station. Usually I holed the tour at night but it is very beautiful day time as well.

We have been Sennichimae and it has many restaurant and Japanese bar Izakaya. Ura-namba area (behind namba area) has many local small Izakaya and workers go there after work often. Many tourists go to Dortobori to have dinner and something but I recommend you Ura-Namba area. We got some pictures with boards of restaurants on narrow street in this area and then went to Hozenji temple. This temple has many lanterns and local people come here and play for health and luck. The big statue has a lot of moss wait for you everytime. You can try to visit when you have time.

Glico sign is Osaka’s landmark and everybody take pictures with. Of course I captured some moments of jumping. They looked very happy and have fun. I really enjoyed with them too. I am looking forward to seeing them again in Osaka!!!:)

Night Phtoshooting tour in Dotonbori area in Namba, Osaka with a Professional Photographer!

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It is still hot in Osaka but much better at night time. I have held Night photoshooting tour in Namba area such as Amerika-Mura, Dotonbori, Hozenji temple and Ura-Namba area. Very friendly family joined the tour in August. Parents have been to Japan before but their son and his girl friend have never been. I showed them great Osaka night sceneries and take to some spots.

Mandarake in America-mura has many Manga, character figure and Anime goods. Especially the boy is interested in this shop and he knew about Japanese Manga well. Actually I have read many Manga from when I was child and like it still now. We talked about it and it was great time for us. His girl friend has learned fashion and she was very good at posing. Mom wanted to try colorful cotton candy and they enjoyed it. I captured some of the moment and they looked very fun. Dad was very unique and very friendly. I really liked this family and I had great time with them. I was very happy because they liked all places I took them and all pictures. We promised see again in US and I am looking forward to seeing them!! Thank you for taking my tour and giving me great time!!

Photoshoot at Yoyogi park and Harajuku in Tokyo

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Photoshooting tour with Autumn leaves at Yoyogi park and Harajuku in Tokyo!!

The tour was held at Yoyogi park and Harajuku in Tokyo last Autumn season. They are super close friends and I have seen one of them last year in Osaka. This was her second time to take my tour. I was so happy to see her again in Tokyo. There are many people in Harajuku area especially afternoon, So we met early morning and take pictures there. Shops in Harajuku like clothes, crape, sweets and wall arts are good for back ground of Photo shooting. I checked good photo spots in Harajuku area before a few days and I was so happy because they liked these places I checked. We walked around Harajuku area and through shrine and Takeshita street and got to Yoyogi park. Autumn leaves were super beautiful in the park. Everything was brown and orange and it was quite Autumn color in Japan. They enjoyed scattering a lot of Autumn leaves each other and I took many pictures of the moments. It was so fun for us and got many awesome pictures. I really enjoyed this tour with them and they said me they were enjoying the tour. I am looking forward to see them again in Japan or Malaysia!! Thank you so much!!!