The best friends Photoshooting in Namba, Osaka

They are coming from Indonesia and nice characters!! Very friendly and nice guys and girls!! We walked around Namba area in Osaka. I have held Private photo tour in this area many time. It was rain a little but we didn’t care about that and started the tour from Namba station. Usually I holed the tour at night but it is very beautiful day time as well.

We have been Sennichimae and it has many restaurant and Japanese bar Izakaya. Ura-namba area (behind namba area) has many local small Izakaya and workers go there after work often. Many tourists go to Dortobori to have dinner and something but I recommend you Ura-Namba area. We got some pictures with boards of restaurants on narrow street in this area and then went to Hozenji temple. This temple has many lanterns and local people come here and play for health and luck. The big statue has a lot of moss wait for you everytime. You can try to visit when you have time.

Glico sign is Osaka’s landmark and everybody take pictures with. Of course I captured some moments of jumping. They looked very happy and have fun. I really enjoyed with them too. I am looking forward to seeing them again in Osaka!!!:)