Photoshoot and Guide Tour with Professional Photographer in OSAKA

Tour A
Including over 400 edited pictures


Visit Osaka castle park & Namba area such as Shinsaibashi, Doutonbori, Houzenji temple, Douguyasuji, Kuromon market, Nipponbashi, Imamiya ebisu shrine & Osaka Tenmangu, Tenjinbashisuji shopping street & Shinsekai area such as Tsutenkaku tower in 5 hours.
Recommend this tour to tourists want to see all of beautiful and popular things of Osaka in a day. A photographer will show you and capture the moment of you are enjoying in the spots.

Tour B
Including over 300 edited pictures


Visit Osaka castle park & Namba are a such as Doutonbori, Houzenji temple, Douguyasuji and Kuromon market in 4 hours.
This tour is the most popular in Osaka tour. Local professional Photographer take you to popular photo spots and some spots aren’t generally known. You can get a lot of photos with Osaka sceneries!

Tour C
Including over 150 edited pictures


Visit Namba area such as Doutonbori, Houzenji temple, Douguyasuji and Kuromon market in 2 hours.
Night time photoshooting of this tour is getting popular. Namba area has many bill boards, neons and Japanese lanterns. They look nice in the day time and has a different beautiful sceneries at night than day time. You can have Osaka foods after the tour because there are many great restaurants in Namba area.

Tour D
Including over 150 edited pictures


Visit local area in Osaka such as Sumiyoshitaisha shrine, Sumiyoshi park and Kohama shopping street in 2 hours.
Recommend this tour for tourists have been Osaka many time and want to see real local life in Osaka. It would be good and easy for family has kids because this area isn’t crowded, So kids can run and play at the park. A Photographer will capture some of the moment.

Tour E
Including over 100 edited pictures


Visit many areas of Universal Studios Japan such as Harry potter, Jurassic World, Minions and Super Nintendo World in 1.5 hours.
You would like this photoshooting tour if you like to be taken photos with the Characters and Pop backgrounds. Super Nintendo world will be opened in 2020 and we must be able to awesome photos there!!

Tour F
Including over 80 edited pictures


Visit Osaka castle park is very popular and has long history in 1 hour.
This tour would be great if you don’t have much time but want to get some beautiful photos in Osaka. The park has many colors depend on season. Pink in Spring, light Green in Summer and Orange and brown in Autumn and Winter. You can get many amazing photos every season with natures and the castle.

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