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Photoguider Japan has been birthed to create unforgettable memories and capturing beautiful moments to travelers of Japan. I will guide you through historic Japanese locations, and capture moments through my lens for you to remember forever. I’m not only taking photos, but I’m capturing emotions.  I will take you to destination sites through the eyes of a Japanese native, and show you glimpses of places unseen.
I am passionate about creating an awesome experience for all travelers, and I take this philosophy with every photo guided tour.
Please feel free to send me any suggestions, I am very open to feedback.  To plan your next surprise proposal, I will play my part and ACTING comes with no extra charge!

Special Moment

Surprise Proposal

For any surprise proposals, I will make sure you and your partner have the BEST possible experience. I will be completely at your disposal, and will play along with any surprise. Please feel free to request any items before the special day, whether that’s ordering a bouquet of flowers, balloons. I am flexible and we can discuss. I will help plan and make recommendations for the ideal location and time to capture the most spectacular moments.


Honeymoons make for a spectacular photoguider occasion. Renting kimonos for photos are a very popular pairing, I can help make recommendations on the shops, and will make sure to capture these magical moments for all to see.

Birthday photos

Birthday photos are a perfect occasion for Photoguider. Time flies when you’re having fun, capture all your precious family moments without missing a beat. I am very experienced working with children and am well versed in action photography. You won’t miss a moment and can focus on enjoying your beautiful vacation in Japan.

Osaka is the second largest city in Japan, but #1 in my heart. with a truly unique culture.  People here are warm and funny, in fact most Japanese comedians come from this area.

You can touch and feel JAPAN in Kyoto. There are numerous great sites to take pictures in, such as the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Temple of the Golden Pavilion, Imperial Palace, beautiful mountains and rivers.

You will be welcomed by a lot of wild deer at one of Japan’s oldest park in Japan, Nara Park (a 3-minutes walk from Kintetsu Nara station).

Welcome to Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Tokyo is filled with awesome and unique experiences and of course, beautiful sceneries to capture through the lens. 


You can enjoy and feel Japanese seasons through the tours and workshops are a limited offer only.

How It Works


You can choose your preferred tour, date and time. Please tell me place, date and time if you want me to make your own tour and then I will contact you.


I take a lot of your pictures in some places where aren’t known well for tourists and famous places. Not only that, I will tell you Japanese culture and explain about photo places. And above all, I will work hard to take awesome pictures and make you enjoy the tour.

Passing data

I will send you pictures in 5-7 days after choosing and editing. You can download pictures data from the web.

Latest Reviews

We visit Manabu at Nara station and already feel his happy atmosphere! He is so nice and have many new ideas! He bring us to some special place and street that really special and Japan style. We are so happy with him. He works so hard and never say tired, is a very professional photographer! The photos are really very prefect! Thanks a lot for beautiful photos and even a nice day trip with you! We are happy to recommend you to all people!
Manu was unbelievable!!! Not only was he an amazing photographer and videographer, but he is one of the nicest guys we have ever met! Manu was so flexible with our needs. We were pretty unsure what our plans were but he stood by patiently waiting for us up till the day of the event. My wife and I got married that day with Manu there to capture the moments for us. We each had two friends there with us and Manu captured all the moments so perfectly. His communication was excellent. He was always fast to reply to texts and was very friendly. His English is perfect so there was no issue communicating. We had such a great time with him. He gave us a tour as we did photos. We started in the park where we decided to have our quick ceremony, then he led us through a few parts of Osaka. He took us through the subway which was so convenient because he knew exactly where to go. And when my pass was failing me he let me use his which was above and beyond! It was so great talking with him too, I asked him many things about Japan and Osaka and we talked about our home as well (Denver Colorado USA). I'm a big classic video game nerd so I got to talk to him about a lot too because all my favorite games are from Japan. Anyways, Manu was incredible and we definitely could not have found anyone as good as him. He was absolutely perfect. If you are on the fence just send him a message and you will not regret it. He will tailor make any plan you want. Just tell him what you want and he will figure it all out for you. If you know exactly what you want, tell him and he will do that, and if you are unsure, tell him and he will do the plan for you. I can't say enough great things. Such a good guy. We hope to see you again some day Manu!!! Ryan and Lynn (and friends).