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Unique culture, kind and humorous people, delicious food! Osaka is the second largest city in Japan. From the impressive Osaka castle and the beautiful skyscrapers, to the lively downtown area where we can grab a taste of delicious Osaka delicacies (Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, etc), let me show you my Osaka.

You can touch and feel JAPAN in Kyoto. There are numerous great sites to take pictures in, such as the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Temple of the Golden Pavilion, Imperial Palace, beautiful mountains and rivers. Make your experience even more authentic by roaming the streets of Kyoto, wearing a traditional Japanese Kimono.

There are many beautiful and interesting things in the biggest city in Japan. You can walk and look up skyscrapers in Shinjyuku, feel local Japanese life around Asakusa area, eat fresh Sushi and Sashimi in Tsukiji market and see many Kawaii Japanese culture in Shibuya.


You will be welcomed by a lot of wild deer at one of Japan's oldest park in Japan, Nara Park (a 3-minutes walk from Kintetsu Nara station). Designated as National Treasures, you can feed the friendly deer, as well as pose of photos with them. Nara is also home to the world's largest bronze statue of Buddha, located in Todai-ji (East Great Temple) which is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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I booked the tour months before our actual trip. Manu was super accommodating as I had a lot of questions as to where it would be best to take photos with the cherry blossoms. He even gave us directions on how to get to our destination. Once we started the tour, we were all laughing and all smiles. He made us very very comfortable. He also knew the spots where we could get the best photos and make it look like there are no people around as if we had the place to ourselves (imagine this happened during cherry blossom season)! He was also able to give the edited photos after 3 days - super fast turnaround! Would surely recommend Manu to my friends who would visit Japan. He is awesome!

— J.O (TripAdvisor)


I booked a tour with Manu after seeing some beautiful pictures on his website for my family of 3 (and our soon-to-be-daughter) while visiting Kyoto, Japan. Manu was so easy to communicate with in advance of the photo shoot and helped us craft a good set of locations for the photos. He was on time, and well organized while making the whole thing SO MUCH FUN! We all felt so at ease with Manu, it made for beautiful photos, not to mention the fact that Manu has a great eye for photography. He was able to find great shots at even the busiest of locations, and seek out places we would have never found without him. We would recommend Manu to anyone visiting Japan - these memories and photos will be cherished for life!!

— J.B (TripAdvisor)