Photoshooting tour in ODAIBA, TOKYO!!

I went to Tokyo for holding the tour!! I already took their pictures in Kyoto but we could meet again in Tokyo and had Photoshooting tour again in Odaiba!! We visited to Team Lab Odaiba for Photoshooting. This place is very photogenic and new place. but it is already so papular. We arrived there before opening time but many people already wait for opening around entrance. You should go there 20-30min before from open if you want to take pictures with less people. We could take pictures a lot but sometimes we needed to wait for taking pictures at some spots.

It has some area like lanterns area, you can see projection mapping everywhere. They were so beautiful and everybody was crazy about taking pictures. Of course me too. But Actually it was hard to take because they don’t have much lighting. They should to make dark room because show projection mappings. We can take pictures of that but it might be hard to take pictures with that. That said, we could get some good pictures.

Odaiba area had good Odaiba Ringai park beach and some good spots for photoshooting. Please contact me if you want to be taken pictures in Odaiba area or other area in Tokyo!!