Surprised proposal Photoshooting tour in Kyoto

I have had many tours of surprised proposal tour from last year. I am surprising because many tourists have some plans which they want to surprise propose their partner with photographer in Japan. I am so happy because they choose me, So I have been doing my best every time.

This time, they come from US and he want to surprise her for proposal. I was waiting for them at Hankyu Arashiyama station and was nervous a little because I had to follow them without being noticed. It is not so easy. I found them and followed 20 min back from them until Bamboo forest. Arashiyama Bamboo grove is very nice place for proposal, So we choose.

His proposal has succeed, Not to mention. They looked so happy and it made me happy too. She didn’t notice me and so surprised about photo shooting. After bamboo grove, we visited Seiryoji temple where 15 min walk from JR Saga Arashiyama station. We could see some Cherry blossoms there and take pictures with them. They were so beautiful and it was earlier than normal Cherry blossoms season. The Sakura was blooming earlier than others. I checked where we can see cherry blossoms before that day and I took them to Seiryoji temple. I really enjoyed this photo tour and Actually I met them again in Tokyo!! Hahahaha I will write about that next blog.

Cherry blossoms season s coming soon!! I can’t wait for that!! I am going to take many happy pictures of tourists who is coming to Japan!!

Thank you!!!