5 stars! Highly recommended 👌 Three of us spent some time going around Osaka castle park with Manu. He was excellent, he speaks English better than some native speakers and captures really good images with ease (at least it was easy for us haha). We received the images very quickly and absolutely love them. We had a wonderful and fun time, Thank you Manu :)

— R.I (TripAdvisor)


Manu's photo guider tour was great! Highly recommend! We took family photos in Arashiyama and couldn't be happier with the photos! Manu was really easy to communicate with, flexible, and knows where to go to take really beautiful photos. He was really accommodating with our little one and made it a really fun experience.

— S (TripAdvisor)


Certainly the highlight of our Osaka trip!! I planned a surprise proposal to my fiance in Osaka and approached Manu's expertise to help with my plans. Manu was very helpful and have very good suggestions and was very accommodating to work with my plans for the proposal. He had very good insights on the best photoshoo locations and also a lot of creative ideas to make the pictures wonderful and they are all very natural and nice! Along the way, Manu had a lot of things to share about Osaka and where to go and the recommendations were awesome. Be sure to engage his photoguide tour if you happen to be Japan and I am sure he will certainly not disappoint.

— C.H (TripAdvisor)


He captured our engagement. Immediately he was a fun and lively guy and he said "you are so happy you are making me happy." it was a cool experience to walk to different places to take pictures too! He is a nice person.

— A.M (TripAdvisor)


Great experience! Manu took some great pictures and was very personable! He knew many great places to take pictures!

— A.D (TripAdvisor)


I had an amazing time with Manu and the rest of the group. He will let you in on the secrets of the locals. Great energy and amazing photographer. Showed us all the amazing photographic places. Love it and my pictures. Make sure you wear a nice/urban colorful outfit. Not just black....

— S.L (TripAdvisor)


I am so grateful our family found you as our guide and photograher. It was a great day to spend with you. We brought two young kids and they are just in love with Manu because he is so much fun and friendly! Manu did am excellent job with our family photos. The pictures really captures our family's characters while having japan as our backdrop. Thank you again for the great time! It was a very memorable experience with Manu!!

— B.O (TripAdvisor)


My husband and I went to Japan for our honeymoon and we decided to book a photo tour in Kyoto with Manu to have photo memories of our trip and it was the best decision we could make! We had a great time full of laughs and talking about our experiences with Manu. He is a very charismatic, cheerful and kind person and we connect very well with him, I feel that we made a great friend. We had great communication from the beginning, he recommended hours, spaces and places to rent our kimono. Manu is an excellent photographer, he captured very beautiful moments, he knew of beautiful places and temples with landscapes with colorful trees. We learned a lot about Japanese culture and customs! If you go to Japan I highly recommend booking a photo tour with Manu, you will have a great time, beautiful souvenir photos and a very nice memory of your trip.

— T.M (TripAdvisor)


Manu was punctual, easy to get along with, has good english communicating skills and of course, great photography skills. My family and I enjoyed going around Kyoto with nice pictures especially with the autumn leaves. He was very flexible and is easy going, and we got along very well. I’m glad that we had a chance to be photographed by you. I definitely recommend him if you want memorable photos from your trip. Again, thanks Manu! We’ll book once again when we go back :)

— A.U (Facebook page)


Manu is awesome! He takes amazing photos and provides excellent guided tour. My husband and I felt so fortunate to have him as our photographer as he captured every wonderful moments in our tour. He took the best photos for us and also showed us the Japanese culture! Manu is very friendly and easy to talk to! Book him as your photoguider and you won't regret it!

— Y.C (TripAdvisor)


Manu san is very nice & welcoming. We went to a very interesting and beautiful shrine. The place was not so crowded when we went there, so we had a relaxing tour. He even let us experience some of the traditions and practices of locals in that shrine. He makes me comfortable in taking photos. He really has a good eye in photography. He knows where to take good shots, and the poses and angles of his subject. He also let us taste the local snacka there, which I think is a very unique experience for tourists. I highly recommend to book this experience espcecially if you’re travelling to Osaka. This is the other side of Osaka, which most of the tourists are not able to visit.

— S.F (TripAdvisor)


Perfect photo shoot for our trip to Kyoto! Highly recommend, Manu is so fun to work with, and was also cooperative with us that he helped us directing the pose. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!

— W.K (TripAdvisor)


Manu himself felt like I'd met up with an old friend, he has a great sense of humour and made me feel like I was a star, directing enough to get a perfect photo whilst not saying too much! He exudes a rare passion for his work, getting excited about different photo opportunities and running around looking for spots of light and new moments! There was so many incredible and special moments that he managed to capture so perfectly, and so naturally, which is just what I was looking for! The shots I got back are insanely good and if you are thinking of hiring a photographer in Japan, I would 100% urge you to book him! Genuine passion is at the heart of his photos! Thank you, Manu! Arigato gozaimasu!

— A.A (TripAdvisor)


Manu is very professional in his chosen craft. He embodied the photo-guider thing. He is good in telling you the good spot for photos and add info to the place. Manu's aura is very light and accommodating , given another chance will book him again.

— J.K (TripAdvisor)


I contacted Manu about a week before my family and I were traveling to Osaka and he was very prompt in responding to me. We discussed different tour location options and set up a meeting time/date. Manu was amazingly friendly, thoughtful and patient. We are a family of five (kids ages 9,7,4) and this was our first time in Japan. We wanted to see some of the tourist attractions (Dotonbori and Amerikamura) and also visit some areas off the beaten path, to get a sense of everyday life in Osaka. Manu was great at guiding and informing us and also taking the time to get some great photos! And within a few days of our tour we received the digital files. They beautifully captured a fun and memorable day in Osaka!

— B.P (TripAdvisor)


We recently had our photos taken at Osaka Castle surrounds. Although the one hour flew by, it was the perfect time duration for our family including 3 very energetic kids! Manu is very personable and our kids took to him immediately and were at ease with him behind the lens!! The total experience from booking the tour online, ongoing communication, the photoguider session itself and receiving the photos was a seamless experience. Manu is a great communicator online and in person and took some lovely photos of our family! He was open to spontaneous ideas for photo opportunities. Most importantly, Manu was able to show us the best views and vantage points of Osaka Castle that we wouldn’t be able to find ourselves! Thank you Manu!! 😊

— B (TripAdvisor)


Manu was absolutely amazing. from beginning to end he has been so kind and accommodating. I a sudden decision to travel to Osaka, and saw his tour the night before I flew. I contacted him even though I saw that he was unavailable as a last ditch attempt, and despite the fact that he was busy he still made time for me. Then, I had somehow gotten lost at a station and was unable to make it to the meet-up point in time, Manu had patiently waited close to 40 minutes for me and then took me on an amazing photo tour to a local shrine, park, and shopping street. For someone like me who has always like to travel alone, the worst part is never having any good photos to show friends and family, always the same awkward one-armed selfie. This time i decided to book a photographer to prevent that from happening again and it was the best decision. Not only was the tour interesting, the photos came out absolutely gorgeous and super fast too! Manu sent me the link to the edited photos within the same day as the tour. Having never had someone aside from friends and family take my picture, I was super nervous and yet Manu's great personality made me feel very comfortable and natural. His english is great and he is so funny and interesting, it felt like hanging out with an old friend. To those who are considering booking this trip, just go ahead and do it!

— T.H (TripAdvisor)


Manu is a kind, cheerful, skilled and experienced photographer. He knows the best spots and the best timings to take photos around Osaka Castle Park. It was also great fun interacting with him and learning about the city. I would strongly recommend his tour for some beautiful photographic memories of Osaka.

— T.J (TripAdvisor)


Manu was a very dynamic and friendly photographer and tour guide. We took photos around Pontocho and Gion Area. He could always find interesting topics to talk about so we don’t have any embarrassment when we met for the first time. On the way of taking pictures, he also taught us how to pray in the shrine and this was very helpful for our following journey in Kyoto. My cousin and I were so impressed by his proficiency and efficiency. He spent just one day to finish editing all photos. Anyway, he is a very nice person and we hope to see him again in the future!

— L.T (TripAdvisor)


Manu is really great, so is this experience. Besides his day tours, Manu is offering this night tour since a couple of weeks.I loved the idea of being photographed at night, with all the pretty city lights and I was not disappointed. Manu is a great photographer and made me feel really comfortable. There is only one thing left to say, BOOK THIS EXPERIENCE! It's really worth it.

— M.K (TripAdvisor)


We loved our experience with Manu! His joyful attitude is infectious, and made getting to know the rest of the group easy. He was good at telling us how and where to pose, and made the process feel very natural. It was a pleasure being able to explore and learn about places around his neighbourhood - it felt like we got a secret glimpse into what everyday Japan is like. We used the experience to do an engagement style shoot and the pictures turned out so great we will be using them for our invitations! Thank you for such a lovely time, Manu! Would absolutely recommend!

— P.S (TripAdvisor)


WOW! Manu really set the bar high! This was our (boyfriend and I) first AirBNB experience and it was AMAZING! Manu is INCREDIBLY kind, self-less, and considerate. We had some conflicting scheduling issues in booking times but Manu was quick to adjust. This is something he did not have to do, but he did and we are so so so thankful and appreciative!! Not only that - he was informative and easy to talk to! My boyfriend and I are both fairly shy people but we were comfortable with Manu the moment we met him! Felt like we have been friends for a long time. Every time I had a question about the location, or something in it - he always had the answers. If not, he would go out of his way to seek the answer for me! And the photos! The photos were so beautiful. We got SO MANY! And all of them were perfect! My boyfriend and I have never done a “photo shoot” before but Manu made us feel so natural and guided us through it all. In terms of communication - Manu is very quick to respond to any questions or concerns. Meeting up was super easy too! Thank you so much Manu! My boyfriend and I say this is the best tour we have ever taken. We can’t wait to return!

— M.A (TripAdvisor)


마누상이 아주 멋진 여행을 만들어 주었습니다. 사진만 잘 찍으시는게 아니라 설명도 아주 잘 해주십니다. 혼자 여행가서 사진을 많이 못찍을까 아쉬웠는데 일본 느낌이 물씬 나는 한적한 곳에서 예쁜 사진도 많이 찍고 좋은 경험도 많이 남겼습니다. 진짜 일본과 일본 사람들의 삶을 보고 싶다면 이 투어를 추천합니다. 혼자가셔도, 친구 혹은 가족과 같이 가셔도 아주 좋을것 같습니다

— B.J (TripAdvisor)


This tour was awesome! Manu was a great tour guide and host. He shared a lot of things about the Japanese culture, showed me inside things about Osaka and made amazing pictures! I really had a great time. Thank you Manu!

— I.C (TripAdvisor)


We booked a photo tour with Manu visiting Osaka Castle and Dotonbori, he is very relaxed and friendly. He knew all the right photo spots and took great photos of our visit. We were so happy with the experience we ended up booking a second session in Bamboo Forest outside of Kyoto with him. Besides getting a relaxed tour with professional-grade photos his friendlyness and interest gave us the opportunity to ask questions and better get to know Japan and Osaka from a Japanese native. Unique experience highly recommended! Manu, see you next time we visit!

— T.N. (TripAdvisor)


I enagaged Manu about 2 weeks to the trip and told him that I only wanted to capture photos of my son and family as well around Nara deer park for the entire 2 hours. He was very accommodating to that and took many many photos of us (especially of my son), and giving me the link to download them immediately the next day! The photos were vvv awesome-i love them way too much😁 During the photoshoot Manu was super nice and even helped us to hold onto my baby's hand for abit! He was very easy to talk to and to be honest i didn't expect to be able to hold a conversation with him as i thought he might not be that well versed in English but i could not be more wrong. Manu was also very nice to change the time of the shoot on the morning itself as I miscalculated my baby's nap time. I was hopeful and definitely not expecting to be able to get a later timing but he made it happen:) It was a wonderful experience and i will definitely engage Manu again when i return to Osaka or Kyoto next time round!

— Y.Y. (TripAdvisor)


We booked a couple photoshoot in Kyoto. We did a photoshoot the first time ever and had a lot of fun. Manu took nice pictures while we enjoyed the sceneries. He was also open to try new spots like walking on river stones. Great experience and beautiful results :-)

— S.W. (TripAdvisor)


It was the first ever photo shooting we had and Manu made it an amazing experience for us. Kyoto was extremely crowded on that day. Manu is very professional and experienced. Not only he has excellent photography skills, he is also skillful in crowd management and managed to take many great shots for us. He knows the area well and guided us to beautiful spots with less tourists. He speaks perfect English and carries the conversation well to make us feel comfortable and able to look natural in the photos. I will definitely recommend manu to anyone looking for an enjoying and beautiful photo session in japan.

— W.O. (TripAdvisor)


I found Manu via looking for the best photographers online and loved his Instagram photos. We did a photo guide tour in Kyoto for two hours and learned so much about the surroundings and about Japanese traditions and history. Manu is a great, fun, and informative guide along with being an amazing photographer. He knows how to capture good lighting and special moments. On top of all this, his speaks English!!! I would definitely book another photoguider tour next time I'm in Japan!

— B.M. (TripAdvisor)


I took 2 session (Arashiyama and Gion) with Manu in Kyoto for my prewedding photoshoots and it all turns out beautifully! He speaks English really well, on time, prepared (he even bought us a japanese umbrella as a property), chatty and super friendly! I'm the kind of person who is SUPER awkward in front camera but he manage to take picture of us perfectly. Not only he take you a good photos, he also share a lot about Japan so the tittle of photoguider really does suit him 😁 recommended 👍

— M.M. (TripAdvisor)


Manu is very nice and professional local photographer, I had a great time with his accompany to explore shrine, snack street, and taking great pictures during cherry blossom, he is very knowledgable of local culture, I wouldn't have such a great time in Osaka without his guidance, and the photos I got from him are excellent. Highly recommended.

— Y.Z. (TripAdvisor)


Manu was excellent! From the moment I booked my Airbnb experience he was approachable and very pleasant. He provides detailed instructions regarding the meeting point and also is puntual. When we met at the station it was like we had been friends for a long time. The experience takes place in a very local area of Osaka and his energy and happiness about where he grew up was easily transmitted to the group to make the experience super fun. The pictures are taken very professionally and Manu does the good job of giving suggestions as to how to make them best so in the end the pictures are extraordinary! If you are on the edge about booking this experience, don’t think about it twice!

— A.L. (TripAdvisor)


I was in Osaka for two days during March, and needed to take photos and send to my mum, so I arranged for Manu-san to show me around Osaka deliver his services. Absolutely wonderful. He knows Osaka well, and all the nice spots and has good experience to instruct you as a photographer. All-in-all, a memorable experience and the start of a new friendship. I would highly recommend Manu-san.

— M.L. (TripAdvisor)


Akamatsu-san was the most passionate and the friendliest photographer. We enjoyed every minute of our tour! We look forward to another photo shoot with you soon!

— K.H (TripAdvisor)


This is definitely the highlight of our Osaka trip. Manu has great energy and made the shoot so much fun! It was not only a photo shoot but it was like a tour with a local too. When we go back to Japan again, we'd live to have our photos taken again or maybe grab some okonomiyaki with him.

— D.M (TripAdvisor)


One of the best memories we had for our honeymoon was being toured and photographed by Manu. Worth it!

— P.M (TripAdvisor)


Manu knows is a pleasure to talk to and be around. Felt very comfortable. The pictures were great. Knows all the good picture spots in Dotonburi

— J.J (TripAdvisor)


I booked a one hour tour on a recommendation from a friend. We were a bit apprehensive at first as this was the first time my one year old was having his photos taken ( not counting the ones taken by us on our phones ) but manu was very friendly and immediately set us at ease. The hour flew by quickly and we had a lot of fun! The photos turned out beautiful. Great way to remember our Osaka trip

— L (TripAdvisor)


Manu was easy to talk to and very enjoyable. He takes very good pictures and even is knowledgable about the places in Osaka. Every bit of detail he explains is interesting. I highly recommend him. :)

— T (TripAdvisor)


We had a wonderful time with Manu. He is very friendly and a great person. The walking tour is very interesting and you get to learn a lot about Japanese culture. Manu made us feel very comfortable while taking our photo, and we're so happy to have these great memories captured from our trip! We highly recommend booking with Manu!! Thank you again! :)

— C.Y (TripAdvisor)


한시간 반 동안 촬영하면서 너무나도 즐거운 경험이었습니다 한국말을 좀하시고 칭찬도 굉장히 많이해주시고 긍정적이셔서 촬영하기 너무 편안한 분위기였습니다 !! 정말 돈이아깝지않습니다 오사카를간다면 또한번 촬영하고싶습니다 !

—  (Facebook)


Manu is a great tour guide. He met us at the Arashiyama train station and took us to the bamboo grove and Okochi Sanso (my request) as well as the Kimono Forest (his idea). His tour was informative without being an exhaustive history lesson, which my teens liked (this was vacation, not an AP World History class). Manu is also very personable. My kids are a little shy, but they felt really comfortable around him. In addition to the excellent tour, he took beautiful photos. I also brought my camera, but the lighting was tricky and his shots were much better. More importantly, his photos included all three of us, which was especially nice for a family vacation. Thanks, Manu!

— H.C (TripAdvisor)


My family & I had a great time with Manu. We enjoyed the tour very much. I have 2 young and active children and Manu is so patient with them. They enjoyed his company and he took such beautiful and natural photos of them. He could speak well and is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this tour if you would like to keep some beautiful photos for memories and experience the less touristy places. Manu is very flexible and responsive, I’m sure he could cater something suitable for everyone.

— J.H (TripAdvisor)


Manu 是一個很友善和很親切的本地導遊和攝影師,他帶我去一些只有本地人知道的景點,令我看到日本大阪的另一面,這是一個十分新奇的體驗。攝影加導遊的體驗令我的大阪之旅添上一絲色彩,如果大家有時間的話絕對要去參加,令你的旅程添上一絲不平凡。

— B.C (TripAdvisor)


Our time with Manu was probably the best time of our Kyoto stay. Manu was so friendly and easy to get along with, we felt like we were walking around with a friend. He showed us some of the very best sights and the photos he took exceeded my expectations. My family and I will cherish these memories and photos forever. We are planning on visiting Osaka within the near future and we will be booking Manu again for sure!

— J.L (TripAdvisor)


Manu combines great photography skill, a good knowledge of the city through not-so-known places and a great personality that makes you feel at ease. The result is a collection of personal photos taken on a fun, laidback evening, where you leave with plenty of memories and even new friends.

— R.C (TripAdvisor)


I definitely recommend Snap Osaka with Manu. He did a great job taking our pictures and at the same time giving us a interesting facts about Osaka and the shrine we visited us. He was so patient and considerate. Would definitely do again if I'm ever back in Osaka.

— K. (TripAdvisor)


I definitely recommend Snap Osaka with Manu. He did a great job taking our pictures and at the same time giving us a interesting facts about Osaka and the shrine we visited us. He was so patient and considerate. Would definitely do again if I'm ever back in Osaka.

— K. (TripAdvisor)


Manu’s #SnapOsaka is highly recommended for any type of traveller who wants to have good memories to look back to. He’s very responsive, even before I booked until we got our photos. He’s fun and very informative - we learned a handful about Japanese religious practices, shopping centres, and just random Japanese stuff. The photos he took were lovely! I travelled with my partner and this was our only chance to have our photos taken together, and they all turned out to be exceptionally good! Funny that people actually thought it was our prenup shots, lol, but it says a lot about the quality of the shots. Thanks bunch Manu! If you’d take this experience, I suggest you put it on top of your agenda in Osaka as its easier to navigate temples and local shopping centres (they turned out to sell cheaper goods than tourist areas like Dotonbori) after. That’s our only regret, doing it towards the end of our trip, which we won’t repeat when we get back to Japan! We’ll definitely reach out to Manu again! ❤️

— B.S. (TripAdvisor)


This is a great opportunity for anyone to learn some history of Japan and to take great photos. I am camera shy and have never really gotten my photos taken professionally, so this was a very memorable experiance. Manu bought me local snacks while on the tour and walked me around a Shrine in his neighborhood. For two strangers we had a great time chatting! He will show you how to pose so that your pictures look awesome. He has the patience and has a multi cultural enthusiasm to make any tour comfortable, fun, and memorable!!

— K.G. (TripAdvisor)


Manu is excellent & very professional. So easy to get along with. His works are the best & we will treasure those shoots forever.

— W.Y. (TripAdvisor)


Very professional service and easy to get along with. Would highly recommend this photographer if you wanna take some nice pictures in Osaka area. (Kyoto, Nara etc.) Thank you Manu wish to see u again.

— C.T. (TripAdvisor)


Manu is an amazing photographer and a great guide. I highly recommend taking his tour! 

— H.F. (Facebook)


Hello! My name is Frank from the Philippines. I travel to 3-4 countries per year as part of job. It is my first time in Japan, and first time to learn about photoguider services. I’m so glad to have in contact with Manu. He was cheerful and enthusiastic for the whole duration of our tour. I love those photos he took, purely candid, brought about how beautiful the place is, and was always on point when it comes to framing and getting the right exposure of photos. He speaks English well. He gave historical insights about the places, showcased the real Japan way of living. Would love to see him again. Highly recommend!

— F.D. (TripAdvisor)


This is my first Osaka Experience- an impressive one! Manu is a friendly, smiley, patient, and open tour guide from Osaka. He speaks good English and explains Japanese traditions well! We learned all kinds of things (local ceremonies, Japanese language, culture, history, etc) from taking his tour. The group bonded easily with his guidance, and the tour went smoothly. I received the photos he took of us soon after the tour, and the photos are great! It was a pleasure meeting Manu, and I recommend all the travelers who are interested in Japanese culture and local sites to join him. P.S. It's always great when someone is there to help you take the photos and record the memories!

— L.W. (TripAdvisor)


เที่ยวคันไซ(โอซาก้า เกียวโต โกเบ นารา) อยากถ่ายรูปสวยๆ แนะนำคนนี้เลยค่ะ ชื่อมานู(manu)เป็นทั้งไกด์ทั้งช่างภาพพร้อม ถ่ายรูปสวยมาก อธิบายความรู้ วิธีการไหว้พระต่างๆ เข้าใจง่ายด้วยภาษาอังกฤษ สำเนียงฟังง่ายเหมาะกับคนไทย เขาเข้าใจภาษาอังกฤษอันอ่อนแอของเราด้วยนะ5555 ส่งไฟล์งานไว ถ่ายตอนเที่ยงได้รูปช่วงค่ำ ปรับสีปรับแสงให้พร้อม ประทับใจสุดๆ ราคาถือว่าเหมาะสมกับงาน เลี้ยงขนมเราด้วย55555 แถมยังมีพวงกุญแจซูชิแจกด้วยน่ารักมาก ถ้าไปอีกใช้บริการซ้ำแน่นอน แนะนำ คนไทยควรตรงเวลานิสนุงน้า

— N.N. (TripAdvisor)


We had a great time with manu in Osaka. He took our pictures professionally, showed us how to be a model on that day. It was really fun and to walk around local parks, shrine and shops. The snacks that he treated us was delicious. Hope to see manu again soon. Thank you manu.

— G.Q. (TripAdvisor)

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