Capturing Joy: Kimono Photoshoot in Kyoto’s Gion District 📸✨

I met some lovely families earlier this year and we had a photoshoot in the Gion area of Kyoto. They were dressed in kimono and looked stunning. We started by visiting Maruyama Park, where we captured some shots on a small bridge. They were very relaxed in front of the camera, which allowed me to capture many candid moments. The kids were adorable, and we chatted about food, school, and culture from each of our countries during the shoot. Their parents were also very friendly. Dads are fans of Naruto, I love it too. They even tried some Naruto poses and running shots, which I captured and had a good laugh about. Overall, it was a joyful photoshoot, and I was happy to spend time with them and capture their memories. Thank you for choosing me as your photographer! Looking forward to seeing you again! 😊