Hydrensias season is coming in June!!

Many Hydrensias are waiting for you in June!!

It will be rainy season and getting hot in Japan soon. This season is not good for tourists but we have beautiful flowers which we can see only this season. Hydrensias will full bloom from the beginning of June to the end of June. We can see them at some parks, gardens, some temples and shrines in Kyoto. They are very big flowers if compare with other flowers and look so good to take pictures. Look gorgeous, lovely and colorful. Hydrangeas change color depend on soil. Blue, pink, purple, red, so many colors and you must say beautiful and get great pictures if you take my photoshooting tour.

I can arrange my schedule if it seems rain on our original date and I will check weather report many time and find the best day for Photoshooting. Don’t worry about rain and I hope I can take beautiful pictures of many tourists with Hydrensias in June!!