I met my first client again in Kyoto!

It was a really important day for me. He was my first customer, and seeing him again made me super happy! We spent time together, talking about lots of things in the same place where I took his pictures almost 8 years ago.

He’s the reason I started this work of taking photos. Meeting him for the first time was scary because it was my first photo session. I went to Arashiyama before our shoot to find good photo spots and figure out how long it would take. I remember making a welcome board to help him find me at the station. My hands shook every time a train came. I also wrote down some English sentences on my phone to talk with him. Anyway I prepared many things for this shooting.

Even though I faced some problems during the shoot—like language issues and a tight schedule—I had a really really great time with him. He told me to keep doing this service, calling it an awesome tour. His words inspired me to continue doing this until today and I’m sooo glad he was my first customer.

Thanks for finding me 8 years ago and being my first customer with no reviews. I promise to keep taking great photos that make people happy. Looking forward to seeing you again!