Video shooting of surprise proposal in Kyoto, Japan!!

I have started a VIDEO shooting finally!! I have prepared to do this for long time like practiced many times and learned how to edit video. This video shooting was amazing. I was so happy to help him for surprise proposal at Bamboo forest in Kyoto. His friends prepare some photos and board which is written ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME’ and some lights. They made a great place for proposal and we were waiting for the couple at the side of Bamboo forest.
I was taking video from when they come to proposal moment. He showed her an original video of happy messages from their friends. Proposal succeeded and everyone celebrated and then her family appeared in front of her from Singapore. This was a big surprise and all of us were happy very much.
Video is different as photos and moving memories with voice and music are great for leaving memories of travel in Japan. I am looking forward to taking video a lot and help everyone to surprise propose in Japan!!

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