Night Photoshoot tour in Namba area, Osaka

Night photoshoot tour in Osaka

We met at Apple store Shinsaibashi at 7:30pm and went to America-mura where is a young people town like many arts, fashions, foods and young people. It is good place to take pictures. The guy joined my tour and he wants to became a model in Japan or his home. We really enjoyed to take pictures each other because I liked his posing and his eyes and he liked my style of pictures. He is still young and has nice smile but looked mature when I took pictures. After America-mura, went to Doutonbori area where is the most popular place in Osaka. It is very beautiful billboard, neon and traditional narrow paths. I love to take pictures here especially night time. He also liked this place and enjoyed photoshooting. I hope he become a great model in the future and I was so happy to take his pictures last night. See you again!!!:)