Photoshoot at Osaka Umeda sky building!!!

A guy was traveling in Osaka alone contacted me for photoshooting. He wanted to be taken photos at Umeda sky building where we can see whole Osaka city from the top. It has long escalator and some people take photos at this place and post on Instagram.
We met at Umeda sky building at opening time but I tried to take his photos outside of sky building. There are some green wall and I wanted to try to take photos with it. He liked it too and we got nice photos around sky building. After that, we were going to the escalator and took many photos. The photos are beautiful and arches on background looked very cool and futuristic. We were going up and down twice and got great photos. It was first time to take photos at this place and we didn’t need to pay entrance fee because the escalator is before entrance of observatory of sky building. I recommend you if you want to get nice photos in Umeda. Of course observatory is amazing to see Osaka view!! One more thing, you can see retro Osaka town scape in basement floor. This place is restaurants area and you can enjoy lunch and dinner after Umeda sky building. Try to go!!!:)