The current situation of Osaka in June 2020.

Hi!! It’s been a while since I wrote an article last time. The virus is still spreading in the world.
It is getting better in Osaka and people go out to the city like a Dotombori area and Umeda area. I have been staying home still now but I met my friends last weekend in Namba area. We saw a lot of people walked in a main shopping street of Namba area and then thought they have stayed home for long time, So could come to the city finally. We couldn’t see friends and family who don’t live together for longtime and are getting better now slowly.

Universal Studios Japan has just pre-opened before 10days but only for Osaka people who have annual passes. I am the people and have been there last week with my friends and wore a mask. Much much less people there than usual and I didn’t need to wait to get almost all rides. It was very easy to enjoy in USJ!! But my friends and I felt a little sad because so many tourists came here and they looked happy whenever we came. We had to wait in long lines but what it should be.
Restaurants and shops are opening now and people have dinner and lunch there. Of course we have to keep our distances and wear masks when we eat. We got used to wearing masks and covering our mouths in trains and outside where it’s’ crowded.

I hope we can go out and see people without having to worry about something soon.
Thank you for checking my webpage and I will keep writing articles.