Surprised proposal photoshoot in Kyoto!!

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It was the big day for him because he has made a plan to proposal her in Kyoto without her knowing. We met before the big day and discuss where the best place is and how to take the photos. On that day, I have waited for them to come to photo place and followed after they come. We were a little nervous but his proposal has been succeed! They looked so happy and it made me happy too and I was so glad to take this moment. Cherry blossoms was full blooming on the day. It was very special day for them and me. Thank you and Congratulations!!:)

Surprised proposal photoshoot in Kyoto

Photoshoot with Japanese kimono

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It looks great to wear Japanese traditional wear ‘kimono’ and visit shrine and temple, walk around old town in Kyoto. It’s easy to rent a kimono because there are many rental kimono shops around popular places in Kyoto. It take about a hour to change from your casual wear to kimono and costs about ¥3000-¥4000 per parson. You will be able to rent it cheaper if you are couple or  group. They have many rental plans, so you can choose good one for you. I recommend you to book before just incase. Enjoy feeling Japanese culture!!

Photoshoot tour with Japanese kimono in Kyoto

Photo tour with Cherry blossoms in Nara

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You can see beautiful Cherry blossoms in Nara too. There are many deers and Cherry bloom around Nara park and Wakakusa mountain. It’s good to take pictures around Wakakusa mountain because There are not so many people around there. Deer is waiting fro you under the Cherry blossoms.

Photo tour with Cherry blossoms in Wakakusa mountain, Nara

Photo tour with Cherry blossoms in Kyoto.

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Beautiful Cherry blossoms bloom in Spring all over Japan. In Kansai area (Osaka, Kyoto and Nara), they bloom from the end of March to the middle of April. It depends on the weather and temperature. Cherry blossoms began to bloom on 30th March and full bloom on 6th April in Osaka in 2017. I am looking forward to taking your pictures with Cherry blossoms.

Photo tour with Cherry blossoms in Arashiyama, Kyoto

Surprise proposal at Fushimiinari shrine in Kyoto!

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These are also surprise proposal photos. I was waiting for them at entrance of Fushimiinari shrine. A guy and a girl come and he proposed to his girl friend. she was so surprised but They looked so happy and I have taken their photos during the time. After that, He introduce me to her and walk and take photos in Fushimiinari shrine. That was great memories for me and hoe for them too.

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