Surprised proposal photoshoot in Kyoto!!

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It was the big day for him because he has made a plan to proposal her in Kyoto without her knowing. We met before the big day and discuss where the best place is and how to take the photos. On that day, I have waited for them to come to photo place and followed after they come. We were a little nervous but his proposal has been succeed! They looked so happy and it made me happy too and I was so glad to take this moment. Cherry blossoms was full blooming on the day. It was very special day for them and me. Thank you and Congratulations!!:)

Surprised proposal photoshoot in Kyoto

Night Photoshoot tour in Namba

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It is really beautiful to take photos in Namba area at night because there are many bill boards, neon signs, local restaurant streets and temple. They show us different face from day time. I edited photos to make a mood more. You can try to take my tour if you want to get COOL photos in Osaka!

Photoshooting tour in Doutonbori area!!

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The end of March, A guy took my tour in Osaka. We visited Namba area such as Doutonbori, Ame-mura and Houzenji-temple for a hour and could see some cherry blossoms. He was a little nervous but getting used to be taken photos. I was so glad because he was interested in Japanese culture like manners of being at shrine and temple. I had great time with him and so happy he likes photos I took. Hope see you again!!

Solo traveler Photoshooting in Namba area

Great memories with cherry blossoms in 2018!

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Thank you so much for taking the Photoguider tour! I really had great time with you! Cherry blossoms has fallen already because they bloomed very earlier than every year. I have had awesome photos with cherry blossoms in Kyoto and Osaka. I am really glad they love photos I took. I will post them each tour before that I post some of them here. Thank you cherry blossoms and guys!!

Local area Photo tour in Osaka

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When we travel aboard, Going to poplar places is so fun. But local area where isn’t well known is also good to sightseeing. We feel like be local people living here and explore new culture what can’t find in the city. I recommend this tour to people who have been to Japan many times. There are local shrine, park and shopping street in local area I will take you. These places are very beautiful and not crowded、So It’s great place to take photos. Cherry blossoms will bloom at the park. Let’s join local area photo tour!!

Photo tour around Namba area with Japanese kimono

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We walked from Namba are such as America-mura, Dotonbori, Doguyasuji shopping street and through Nipponbashi area and see the Tsutenkaku tower in Shinsekai area. It was really great day and they were so friendly. The boy was smiling every time because he was excited to wear japanese kimono and Osaka. I gave them my favorite chocolate when we say good bey because it was Valentine’s day. I was so happy to make their great memories on Valentine’s day!!

Photography tour in Osaka with Japanese kimono