Photoshoot tour with Autumn leaves in Arashiyama and Higashiyama, Kyoto

There are really beautiful red leaves in Kyoto in the end of October to November. We visit to Chishakuin temple to see leaves and take pictures there. They were super red and looked very beautiful with a little greens. It was the best season to see them and travel in Japan. After that, took pictures with many Torii gates in fushimiinari shrine and visited Arashiyama area. There are many people especially in Bamboo forest everyday. But some bamboo forests aren’t known very well and I took them there and took pictures a lot. Arashiyama area is very nice places such as Tenryuji temple, Arashiyama monkey park, Togetsu bridge and Kimono forest to sightseeing and take pictures. You should go there in Cherry blossoms season and Autumn leaves season. You can see amazing scenes there!!