Surprise Proposal Photoshooting in Nara, Japan

Surprise proposal Photoshooting with deers in Nara

I took the moment he propose his partner in Nara park. I met his family before photoshooting and we prepare some sign ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME’ which they brought from their country. It was amazing stuffs. I was waiting for him and his partner at a place near from the sign. I was nervous a little because I have to stay as a tourist and I can’t miss the moment. After 30min, They were coming. I was so excited and she asked me where is Todaiji temple and ‘Are you propose your girl friend?’ after seeing sign. I couldn’t say only ‘No I am just taking pictures of deers’ and they are walking to the sign and he proposed her in front of sign as we planned. She was so surprised and it succeeded!!! Their family joined them and she was surprised more. It was so happy time and they made me happy too. After that, We walked around Nara park and take pictures with deers and went to Kasuga shrine. There are many lanterns and take pictures with them. It was amazing day for them and me. I was so happy they liked pictures I took!!! Thank you and congratulations!!!! I would like to take pictures of surprise proposal in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo too. Please contact me if you have any plans about that!!