Surprised proposal photoshooting in Arashiyama, Kyoto

I am surprised that many tourists have a plan of surprise proposal in Japan and am happy because they need my help and I can help them and take the pictures of the moment. I had 5 booking of surprise proposal Photoshooting this year and every couple got happy here!! I am super happy to take their pictures every time.

This time, a guy wanted to surprise her for proposal. Our plan is thisphotoshooitng is looked just birthday photoshooting for her. She said ‘she feel it was wired when she heard birthday photoshooting from him’ after tour but this surprise was completely succeed. We visited bamboo forest first and this place was proposal place. It was good timing because there are not so many people. He proposed her with bamboo forest background and she was super surprised. She was crying and said YES. They made me almost cry and good time for them and me. After proposal, She look at the ring many time during the tour. It made me happy too. The happy are everywhere in the world. We need to find a little happy of our life and feel happy everyday. It is the way to be happy. I hope everybody who met me have many happy. Thank you!!!