Surprised proposal Photoshooting in Osaka castle park

It was amazing Valentines day in 2019. I was nervous because I had to ask them for Free Valentines Photoshooting as local Photographer but of cource it was not Free Valentines photoshooting you know. He wanted his girl friend to surprise for surprise proposal. It was much colder day but I was so excited while I waited for them. He sent me a pictures and It was easy to find them. I asked them ‘I am looking for good couple model for Valentines Photoshooting’ and worried that she accept me or not but she accepted this Photoshooting and I could start this tour. I took them pictures along Osaka castle in the park. He was very natural and she wasn’t notice surprise proposal. I took their pictures around Osaka castle and I was looking for the best proposal place. There are so many tourists and it was so hard to find good place where look nobody. We could find the moment and I was starting to take pictures of only her and then he was ready for proposal during that. Finally, He proposed her when she turn around. It was amazing moment and she look super surprised!! Other tourists came there and congratulations them. Everybody was happy at the moment and I got many good pictures. Surprise proposal is hard to make plan but it is very very happy Photoshooting and I would like to keep to help someone who want to do it in Japan. Thank you for giving me awesome time!! See you again in Singapore or Japan!!