Family photoshoot tour with professional photographer in Arashiyama, Kyoto

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It has just began autumn rainy season in Japan. It was rain in Osaka and Kyoto many time last a week. We were supposed to hold the photoshooting tour in Arashiyama but it was heavy rain, So we changed date and time to next day. We met at JR Saga Arashiyama station and it was sunny day rather than hot day. They are very nice family, Mom, Dad and 2 kids. They were very easy to communicate and got closer easily.

I took them to Bamboo grove first. It took about 10 min walk from JR Saga Arashiyama station. There aren’t crowded so much because we went go there in the morning. It was nice weather to walk and take pictures. I took a lot of pictures of family, only parents, only kids and Jump shots. I was very glad because they liked the pictures. After that, we were heading to Seiryoji temple. This is my favorite place because we can see beautiful buildings such as traditional tower, large temple, gate. Not only that, Many autumn leaves in November and December, large hanging Cherry blossoms in March and April. These trees were right green when we visited and they were so beautiful too.

We walked for long time and kids looked tired a little. So Mom and Dad got some smoothes for them and they got energy for photoshooting a more hour. Kimono forest, along river with Arashiyama mountains, Togetsukyo bridge, We were able to take pictures many places after that. I was so happy because they looked enjoying my tour and liked the pictures. Thank you for taking my tour and see you again!!

Family Photoshooting tour in Kyoto Arashiyama with SAKURA

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I met great family from Australia in JR Saga Arashiyama station, Kyoto. They have super cute kids were so friendly and became my friends at the end of the Arashiyama photo tour. They were a little shy when we have just met but they opened their mind to me soon after that. I could get many good pictures with their smiles and it was so easy to take pictures because they had natural smile and didn’t aware the camera. This tour was held the middle of March and It was a bit earlier for Cherry blossoms season but I checked where we can see them before this tour and found good place. We visited at Seiryoji temple and this place is my favorite place because less people than other places in Arashiyama and it’s very beautiful and peaceful place. It has full blooming Cherry blossoms and we could take many pictures with them. Kids were so excited to see Cherry blossoms and they were very cute like that. The tour was 2 hours tour but they didn’t cry, on the contrary they were happy during Photoshooting tour especially with Green tea ice cream.

I had awesome time with them and I want to see them again. Thank you for great day and I am looking forward to seeing you next time!!!

Surprised proposal Photoshooting tour in Kyoto

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I have had many tours of surprised proposal tour from last year. I am surprising because many tourists have some plans which they want to surprise propose their partner with photographer in Japan. I am so happy because they choose me, So I have been doing my best every time.

This time, they come from US and he want to surprise her for proposal. I was waiting for them at Hankyu Arashiyama station and was nervous a little because I had to follow them without being noticed. It is not so easy. I found them and followed 20 min back from them until Bamboo forest. Arashiyama Bamboo grove is very nice place for proposal, So we choose.

His proposal has succeed, Not to mention. They looked so happy and it made me happy too. She didn’t notice me and so surprised about photo shooting. After bamboo grove, we visited Seiryoji temple where 15 min walk from JR Saga Arashiyama station. We could see some Cherry blossoms there and take pictures with them. They were so beautiful and it was earlier than normal Cherry blossoms season. The Sakura was blooming earlier than others. I checked where we can see cherry blossoms before that day and I took them to Seiryoji temple. I really enjoyed this photo tour and Actually I met them again in Tokyo!! Hahahaha I will write about that next blog.

Cherry blossoms season s coming soon!! I can’t wait for that!! I am going to take many happy pictures of tourists who is coming to Japan!!

Thank you!!!

Surprised proposal photoshooting in Arashiyama, Kyoto

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I am surprised that many tourists have a plan of surprise proposal in Japan and am happy because they need my help and I can help them and take the pictures of the moment. I had 5 booking of surprise proposal Photoshooting this year and every couple got happy here!! I am super happy to take their pictures every time.

This time, a guy wanted to surprise her for proposal. Our plan is thisphotoshooitng is looked just birthday photoshooting for her. She said ‘she feel it was wired when she heard birthday photoshooting from him’ after tour but this surprise was completely succeed. We visited bamboo forest first and this place was proposal place. It was good timing because there are not so many people. He proposed her with bamboo forest background and she was super surprised. She was crying and said YES. They made me almost cry and good time for them and me. After proposal, She look at the ring many time during the tour. It made me happy too. The happy are everywhere in the world. We need to find a little happy of our life and feel happy everyday. It is the way to be happy. I hope everybody who met me have many happy. Thank you!!!

The first Photoguider tour was held in Febrary, 2016

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I have started to run this Photoguider tour from february in 2016. I was so nervous to see the first guest but didn’t need to be nervous after seeing him because he was super friendly and nice guy. He came to Japan from US and was interested in all of Japanese things. We met at Arashiyama station and went to Arashiyama bamboo forest, Seiryoji temple and Okochisanso garden. I have come to Arashiyama area many times before this tour to check where the best places to take pictures are. I took him to these places and take him pictures a lot and he liked to take pictures with his phone too, So I got many pictures of him when he was taking pictures. We talked about how to take pictures and Photoshooting. He has many knowledges of pictures and told me a lot of thing of it. It was very interesting for me.

I planed to hold this tour for 2 hours but it was over 3 hours and half. I couldn’t hold the tour on time but it was awesome experiences for me and he told me ‘This tour was amazing and he had a lot of fun. You are great Photoguider. You should keep doing this tour!!’. This words have been staying in my heart from that day and I have been holding Guide and Photoshooting tour for 3 year and met many awesome guests and could made great friends all over the world thanks of him. I won’t be able to forget this experience and him.

I will take pictures and give many happy to my guests from all over the world who have never seen yet.

Photoshoot in Arashiyama area, Kyoto

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The Photoshooting tour in Arashiyama, Kyoto for solo traveler!!

A solo traveler joined photoguider tour in Arashiyama area of Kyoto. I have been this place many times for Photoshooting. Mountains, river, monkey park, and bamboo forest. Many natures welcome you every time. We start this tour from bamboo forest. It is so popular place in Kyoto and nice to take pictures there. I usually take guests to bamboo forest where is not known well and fewer people. It was first time to Photoshooting for her but she was looked like a model and natural. Usually everybody is nervous a little when I take pictures of them first time, So I always make them to be relax. This time I didn’t need to make her to be and could get many good pictures.

And then we walked to Seiryoji temple is large temple and away from bamboo forest a little. This place is very beautiful place to visit especially Autumn leaves season but unfortunately there are not red leaves there this time. But it was enough beautiful to take pictures and we got it a lot. I recommend Seiryoji temple to everybody who going to Arashiyama area in Kyoto. I have been there many times but never seen many people there and so peaceful.

The last place of this tour was Togetsu bridge. This bridge is very popular and famous in Arashiyama and a lot of people visit and take pictures there. We saw many students who come here for school trip and the girl wanted to take picture with them. It was amazing memories for her and they were glad too. I really enjoyed this tour with her and I hope see her again in Tokyo next time!!